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Predicting the path that gets us there tracy if we're talking about predictions vegas spoken golden state is the heaviest finals favorite in sixteen years so yes that means lebron is being given less of a shot to win this finals then back in two thousand seven when he dragged those booby gibson cavs to get swept by the first given okay so this is this is supposedly according to not as good a team who has the most losing these nba finals given that set of expectations katie was an okay see three one lead against golden state warriors golden state came back one that following that same that following season go to state what one seventy three games seventy three games they lost so lebron james being three katie goes join this seventy three win team win attention very hungry i mean we saw that you know there's nobody even close to nobody's gonna stop them they get a little adversity this year because houston daryl morey used iraq is built his team just to beat them they took him to seven games kate he struggled a little bit in that series so now you face lebron james who is this is probably his toughest challenge of being in a finals if lebron james somehow pull this off against katie stephanie's guys this is all solely on kevin durant nobody oh okay that's where i'm going yeah yeah this is solely on kevin he has to win this he didn't come here just to win one championship he joined us seem to win multiple championships so katie has to play well.

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