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Okay. Google play KTAR h an iheartradio. Okay. Welcome back to coast to coast William pepper with us. We'll get your calls in just a second the case with sir hand Sirhan in that particular case, you're convinced that there was another shooter involved. William are you not? Yes. Yes. There's no question about that. Where was that person stationed the person who killed Bob Kennedy was behind him and not down just behind him and fired? Bob was hit with four bullets at powder. Burn range. From the rear and they were pardoned upward angle. And the last one the last entered his his head in his brain from behind behind the year about an inch from behind him Sirhan was never closer than about five. Six feet to Bob. Kennedy in the front in front of him always in front. Sirhan had been a condition that was a more than a small amount of of mind control operations that would conducted on him over a period of two weeks. And he his role was simply when he was pinched by his handler on the neck his role was the jump down from the steam table stand up with a gun and distract everyone by shooting in front of Kennedy. He got off two shots. And then his hand was pinned to the the steamed. Hateful. He kept pulling the trigger but for six more shots, but the bullets went all over the place. There's absolutely no doubt at all that the that the powder. Burn shots that killed Bob. We're fired from behind and below and Sirhan was a distraction. Help in in front any only got off to bullets people. They they they jumped on him and controlled control. His his issue are in was he like Cherian candidate. Well, he was he was like insure and candidate in the sense that yes, it would there was mind control operations that that that were performed on him. Both hip hip hypnosis, a combination of hypnosis and chemicals. So he, but he wasn't a mature in candidate in the sense that he was expected to be the assassin was a pro who was precisely for the purpose of taking advantage of all of the disruption and the chaos resulted from sir Hans role as a distracter. So that's that's what that's what his his role was. And why take Bobby because he was too close to John F Kennedy. Same kind of of of no Bob was going to this is a classic reason for political assassinations. They couldn't bothered won the California primary. He was on his way to to to getting the nomination and becoming president. He would have beaten Nexen, no doubt. It was it was going to be president. But and he he was pretty clear that he was going to reopen. The investigation of the assassination of his brother had said that he was going to eliminate the oil depletion allowance which was going to cost the oil companies and their bankers millions of dollars. It was Bob. Kennedy was going to end the war in Vietnam. I mean, he was going to take all of these positions that were simply wholly unacceptable to the powerful ruling forces of the society, you think he would have still gone after Castro. Do you think he had given up on that? No, I think he would definitely not have gone after Castro. He definitely shared his brother's laid view that Fidel Castro and the Cuban regime should should've engaged in negotiations with the United States, and leading to the normalization of relations there that whole Cold War mentality that that led to the the early antipathy toward Fidel had had gone away and was even had gone away. When the time when when when Jack Kennedy was killed. Let's go to the phones now Jenny Seattle Washington west of the Rockies. Hi, jenny. Go ahead. George. Hi, Dr Pepper. I'm so grateful. You're on this show tonight talking about this. And I can't wait to read your book and the other two I like to know if you have any ideas about what happened to John union? Felt that he was acetate as well. Well, Jenny first of all thank you for calling in. And it's it's a pleasure to talk to you. And I I have enormous respect for Seattle as a city as as a place where that that embodies the some of the true values of of America, one of one of the few places left. I might say so I can graduate you living in and working in that in that in that city in terms of John junior. I can only say, I don't know. There are very yes. There are some suspicious elements of the of his death like the plane all of a sudden just plummeted as you probably know much more than I do about that case. But the plane just lost out the tune very rapidly and plummeted I one point in time indicating that the may have been some electromagnetic interference with the aircraft. But I. I don't know. I I do understand that John John John. We call him was going to run for the Senate in New York, and that he was going to become involved in politics. And that he always had a concern about what happened to his father as he grew. So you're right to be suspicious. I think some others may have done some more serious work on that case that and and maybe maybe different picture will unfold not when you when you attempt to get a new trial force or Sirhan hand. What grounds are you aiming for? While the the major reason that's our hand should have. I should be given a least injury hearing and preferably new trial is is the sixth amendment to the constitution. He had totally inadequate represented legal representation. His lawyer started off by telling the jury we're not here to ask you to to acquit this man, we believe he's guilty. Oh, my we should not be out on the streets. And we we're only gonna ask you to save his life. We're not going to ask you to acquit him. We we share the prosecution's opinion. I mean, this is this is this is the this is the style of the defense counsel. But, sir. He went along with that though, sir handed. Well. The problem is easy for us to say, well, how can a guy Lau this happen? But when you're in a very closed isolated situation. And you're only hearing one set of opinions and advice, and you don't have any dissent, and your lawyer hells, you our job is the save your life. They've got you on this. They're going to they're going to they're going to execute. You. We got to save your life. So you've got to let us do everything we have to save your life. I mean that that is ways very heavily on a defendant in the circumstances that the hand found himself. How was his English? Then how is it? Now. Always is English is fine. Yeah. He's fine. He's bright and very very aware and very very alert. How often are you in touch with them? Now, William well, we have the let my last physical contact with him was a was a parole hearing earlier this year where of course, he was the nine parole. But the interesting thing about hearing was pulse. Raid. Was a United Auto Workers Representative in the Bob Kennedy and the Kennedy campaign. Hall came to the for the first time to this hearing. He had actually been with Bob and had had been wounded on the night of the of the killing and he just came. He's done research over many years on this. Pose ninety one years old now, and he's totally showed up and was convinced that that Sarhan should be granted parole and spoke out and and in favor of of parole, which of course, they're not going to do they're they're determined that he will die in prison. Well, what he do if they let him go. Where would he go? He would probably go back. Go back to Jordan. He would probably go read go there. He would he has has he react. I'm just curious has he reacted the world events lately or reacted to ISIS, or I'm just curious what he thinks of what's happening around this planet these days. Well, I mean, I think he has he's he's a shock. Then he he as has despair for a lot of the problems that that have come upon his people. Remember Sarhan is is Palestinian he's not Muslim. And he's he's been the the the mass media have tried to portray him as the first was he was Christian terrorist. But he's not he's not even Muslim is he comes from a Christian family. Yeah. As many people in the Middle East. Do yes, yes. I need in despair. As to what's happening to the Palestinians, particularly with you know with their their removal and the West Bank by Israel. And it's it's a very sad situation. There's no question that we as a planet should be doing something for the Palestinian, PL rebuilding Gaza and everything else and giving them some hope and something that they can look forward to. Yes, let's go to join the Bronx. Joe welcome to the program. You are. I'd like to ask the pepper if he has any idea who the actual shooters Martin Luther King junior was and chief of surgery, do you know, what his name is. I know I know the names of both of them. The shooter of Martin king is alive. I had lunch with him. Former Memphis police officer. Yes, he was he's a he's a former Memphis police does he admit this. Oh, no. But one of my one of my researchers on the ground who's known him for thirty years. He drives a cab now and Memphis jumped in the back of his cabinet Jay said Frank what's going on? I understand that peppers got a lot of a lot of new information and evidence, and that they may be coming after you. And I was nervous was with caught he was caught off guard. And he said he said coming out of what are they gonna come? After me for something. I did thirty years ago. Something I did thirty years ago. Or something I knew about God. Yeah. Doctor in the hospital. Of course, no names, given is is he still alive? No, he's dead. And he has there's no, yeah. I all these people in the book, and I described a luncheon meeting with the shooter, and and and he refused to eat lunch. But he came to sat down with me and over over lunch. The the doctor was the chief of surgery. His name was Breen Biard E N bland, be LAND actor brain bland. And what's coincidental about him? Is he was also the family doctor for the for the Dixie mafia family, the Atkins family who are responsible for coordinating things on the ground, and Memphis, I work very closely with Memphis mayor and the chief of of the director of police and fire. So Dr bland aside in on a meeting of that. And I have one of the key witnesses. A lot of information that I have in detail, and I mean detail in this book the plot to kill king one of the one of the sons of the of of Russell Adkins who sat in on a lot of these meetings. Heard the doctor say you've just make sure if he's not killed when he shot just be sure you get him to my hospital, Saint Joe's rush, we'll make sure that would he have died, regardless in your opinion..

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