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Surfer Thomas Miller has been at the heart of this buyer Munich team and really the heart of the club for more than a decade now I could you just describe what he's like as a person? ? Is Very funny or anything all I have time I have time and then me the road runner they have to by roadrunner cancer had the steal ball doesn't always come across in English, because , it's very difficult for humans to translate well but he is very funny in minutes I ever show with A. . TV team, , I say completed. . No Fun. . Is. Very . intelligent straightforward I think he has good sense of what it is. . That makes a team successful. . Thank you for the mets trophy. . But I think we have <hes>. . Maybe twelve or fifteen players. . That deserves the trophy as well. . We worked so hard. . We work with and I think on top of that. . He personifies what it means to be a bavarian. . You know buying is the German word for that area just very wealthy very beautiful. . It is the stereotypical. . Germany for most foreigners who we think of deer think of people lederhosen people sometimes look down on these guys lederhosen their beer as being slightly simpleton maybe a little bit argument and and Brash Ovens. . But for for Bavarians, , it is a sense of pride after the training session the stars took part in the traditional power Lana Lederhosen photo shoot. . And when you combine that with buying as a football institution who play on that heightened sense of Bavarian, , he think represents those contradictions but also the the bland and the combination of these things in a way that no other bind player does at the moment. . And in terms of soccer. . I have to say Thomas. . Miller is one of the strangest players I've ever seen. . Can you explain what makes him so unusual he is strange because he holds a really important position for one of the best teams in the world without being necessary obviously a gifted player. . Because of his spindly legs and this upright running frame and this, , he looks like a middle distance runner than a footballer I try not to be that muscular than my teammates because <hes>. . Less weight on my bones, , his less injury, , and that's my secret. . It just don't see the the beauty elegance to so even the power the most played at this level brain and there's always something ungainly love it awkward about the way he and controls the ball he likes to Shin The ball router. . Hindi cleanly speak about jumped all the time. . Is Elite. . I think once said that he's the best worst player in the world. . I once thought that you know he was playing with a white t-shirt underneath his shirt poking out as some kind of wife beater show underneath and maybe I was imagine it almost got the sense that he was doing it on purpose to just give the impression that this is just this random guys just walked onto the pitch and he can't possibly be any good and opponents look thinking. . Who is this guy and then twenty minutes later he's got two goals against them. . So I think he's perfected that sleight of hand and is quite happy that people still think he's somehow know a good player and I think it takes you quite a bit of time and and different viewpoint to understand what it is yet she brings to the team and I tried to explain that my my biggest quality is maybe. . The game without ball because in this time we had his game is all based on on movement on ideas on the interpretation of space as he wants himself, , put it. . So eloquently than my qualities to do to get in the right space to the right time. . Maybe. . Space Interpreter. . But what does is so incredibly effective it's much easier to understand why successive bind coaches have founded absolutely necessary to make him keep playing a key position and also why successive coaches who haven't been able to see the beauty of mirrors game. . F-. . Often found themselves fired will speaking of that last season under Niko Kovac Thomas Miller spent a lot of time on the bench way is that I think you could call it just didn't understand what was the devil was doing for. . Him <hes> Kovachev, , slightly more reactive systems more defensive system. . He often played with three midfielders and three attackers. . So middle often found themselves very far away from goal. . So you really losing the best attributes familiar plane in that position and eventually <unk> almost but I have of applies knows wide positions and if anything I will use them as a backup for the doc- through the middle is mistake was to say that to Miller you you're my backup option which didn't go down well. . And because the results were bad because you know unhappy million addressing is not not a good thing. . It all add it to the reasons he coach was eventually fired many. . He mishandled Muna mishandled the team N.. . Misunderstood I think the the real importance of murder which now has become apparent when small. .

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