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By northwest crawl space services. Here's Kristen Clark. We are back to the familiar winter gray today over western Washington tracking light rain showers up and down our coastal beach communities, yet the interior stays dry through much of the afternoon as soon as the tail end of the evening drive home that we start to see the showers arrive near Bellingham in the skagit valley, slowly filling in south over puget sound by midnight tonight, wrapping up fairly early Friday morning, and the cascade passes will get by with a minor snowfall overnight of a quick two to four inches by daybreak Friday. In the coming four weather center, meteorologist Kristen Clarke. Around the sound efforts cloudy in 42, belly and clouds in 40° Olympia cloudy and 41. Looks like Renton Claudia and 43 partly sunny in puyallup 41° their clouds in 41 now in downtown Seattle northwest news time, 1206. Auburn is trying to get more drug addicts into treatment. One plan is a new ordinance that makes jail jail stays at least 30 days. So inmates can get treatment. Ongoing complaints about open drug use and street disorder at city parks and the downtown district convinced city leaders in auburn, a tougher approach was needed, Kent hey, who oversees the homeless outreach for the city, says fentanyl, magnified the crisis. A lot of things that happen in the downtown area and some of these areas with distilling and the assaults. In response, the city expanded its soda zones or stay at a drug areas. It also required that repeat offenders be held in jail at least 30 days to make sure drug offenders could access treatment services. That's come up forest Joe Moreno reporting results from Tuesday's special election approves social housing to deal with the homelessness crisis. Kimmel force Jackie Kent reports the measure would create a Seattle, social housing developer, a group that would plan permanent affordable housing for people with no income up to the middle class. Initiative, one 35 co chair Tiffany McCoy says a few council members have indicated support to help fund these projects. Plus, a state lawmaker is working to secure funding for operating costs for two years. And this is a model that's actually more financially efficient because it doesn't require as much government rental subsidies. We are hoping for thousands of units a year. I mean, it would be nice to get up to 10,000 units a year. The city council would decide any further support. And we need to do a feasibility study for any possible property transfers for social housing. What this funding takeaway from other needs already outlined in the budget or where would that money come from? We are going to have to, along with our other priorities, identify the revenue to help support this. Finn Balor, Jackie katch, come on news. What can and can't be put into the recycle bin may soon change. The cost of recycling would also likely increase under legislation that's got a hearing yesterday in Olympia, carling Johnson has details. The Washington recycling and packaging act if pass would standardize recycling and Waste Management across the state, it would redefine what can go into the recycling bin and what can just be tossed out and put a ten cent container fee for bottled beverages to be refunded by distributors once the bottle is recycled. Heather trimmed with zero waste Washington, as you know, this is a bill that has been strongly supported by a coalition of environmental groups and also municipalities. KD beast and with the Washington food industry association urged lawmakers to reject the bills. We have significant concerns about overall cost of this bill. KXL, YTV reports the bill would also expand curbside recycling to rural areas that don't have access at this point. The bill and a companion measure in the Senate are both still sitting in committee, carling Johnson, northwest news, radio. Northwest news time, 1209, using drugs in public now against the law and wants no homeless county communities, border states and attempt to get addicts into rehab. We've learned a new law will go into effect in linwood next week that bans the use of dangerous drugs in public, following the city council's passing of a new ordinance. The council approved the ordinance Monday night, which allows police to arrest people using illegal drugs such as fentanyl and methamphetamine in public. It also prohibits disposing of drugs and drug paraphernalia on the ground or in water. Council member Jim Smith called the ordinance a win all around. So many people don't understand, unfortunately, is that these drugs not only hurt many of our citizens, but it hurts our community members that are actually on these drugs. After an arrest officers are encouraged to help lengthy offender to treatment services, however, if they don't comply or qualify the officer can write them a criminal citation or book them into jail. And that's come a force Preston Phillips sits

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