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So you would typically take that mix it in with your say microphone call that a virtual interface, and that's the thing that you. Select as your input right for Skype. And then those two bits of audio are mixed together. So anything that you're gonna play in safari browser. That audio is gonna come through just as you were, you know. Holding. I guess you're here speaker up to your Mike, but you're gonna get good quality audio rates and digital audio. It's really I mean, it's pretty much that simple would again like you said it sounds like it should be simple to do on your computer. But it's actually really complicated unless you have an app like like. Keep wanting to call in because that's the used to have this app called line in did something similar was that rogue amoeba as well. Yeah, they still they do. It's like a simpler version of what Luke back does. So. Okay. Well, along long side loop back. The also have a really great soundboard app called farrago fair ago or farrago. I like seeing for AGA. It sounds more. Exotic. And this is the most polished easy to use outboard up Ivor ever used on a MAC us. Another one called soundboard by embryo, just off wear Ambrosia. I don't know. I don't know what happened to the app. They just completely abandoned it. Kind of shutdown bought out. I don't I don't think they exist anymore. They're not making anything anymore. They went out of business. Explain their website. Okay. I'm on their website right now. And it looks like it was designed same time. The first apple store online is somebody bought out some of the some of the IP and stuff like that. But that was a great company back. They had great great games burning. Monkey solitaire was one of my favorite sound. Sounds like a very exciting title. Okay. Well, that explains why haven't seen anything from them in quite a while. I didn't really check into it. Anyway. So I was looking for a new soundboard to try to work into the podcast have all these ideas and ways that we could utilize and then that's when I ran across fair ago and paired with Luke BAC, oh my gosh. What a powerful combo you have. And again, I'm only scratching the surface of what fair go can do if you head over to rogue amoeba website and have always examples, and you can see how beautiful the U is. But I think one of the Marquis features of this application just like loop back is just how easy it is to us. He puts so much thought and effort into polishing off the corners making their experiences, beautiful and intuitive to you. So hopefully in the future all be able to start working in sound bites into the show. I really want to have a a Austin powers. Yeah. Baby. Because those crack Leander up and then other than that, maybe working in sound bites from listeners, it'd be. Cool to have. I think you do this don't you have listener audio on the show. So that you can play their audio. And then and then talk about what they said. Yeah. I don't do that lie. I don't do a live mix in. But I mean, if if I did this would be that'd be kind of application to to us, right? Where you could just trigger that. Exactly. Oh, yeah. I guess you can just edit it in. But I mean, a lot of people that like to record live live hard drive is what I think people call it. Right. So I actually prefer that too. I find that..

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