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And I genuinely think that the krona virus is bringing out the best in Kevin. I think Kevin is Evolved who is best form under the krona virus so like in all honesty we said this last night the krona virus. Great for Kevin. Yeah I I don't want to say but yeah I just know I just I have no further comment at this time. I don't know who that person is Paul. Papa Okay Oh I got. This is all his fault. I do have one last thing before we in the fan questions. I recently got fever. Twenty after all this time it was twenty bucks on the PS four The lads now have a twitch channel. We have a camera. I gotTA headphone this week. So twitch dot com slash podcast but more intifada still sucks. It's just the riskin of last year with even shittier like the one before they had nineteen for a long time and I recently discovered. Everyone hates fee for twenty ally. And I'm like Oh yeah it's not good. It's all a build up the defense like I had the ball stripped the ball away from defender and next to the guy just takes it right back. I'm like well you know I won this like it. Just a lot of like really just buggy stuff that I thought we figured out but like everyone is in agreement. I saw a bunch of other meam accounts talking about how the Internet is upset that. Ea just keep stripping away like awesome features that they used to have back in the day in like it's like Wiley had these features. Just implement them in the new game. So it's just really greedy and also. I saw this thing that someone posted that like. Why can't have it like to K when they have like all the classic teams like the invincibles trump man? United trouble winners. Galactic goes you know maybe even like Byron Twenty Thirteen team Nine Chelsea like you know not to legend and then you get like obviously the order legendary teams. But you know I'm trying to say like why can't they do it and it's apparently because of rights and stuff like that but like I don't know I feel. Why do we still invest in FIFA? Make sure to subscribe the twitch dot com slash podcast. But like what the fuck? Y'All so I think have Texan need like what was it like three days ago. You sent me you send it in the group. The picture of the headset that you got and the The microphone that you got and like the first thing everybody was like. Was You know? Teeth twenty like May and the crazy thing is maybe like three days ago I saw on bleacher report again bleacher report football where I get all my news A ten minute video of Wi Fi for twenty socks and I'm I'm one of those old classic faith of fans like I grew up on that v. o four shit like that was my jam back when you could actually slide tackle the goalkeeper They need to bring that back for sure. Because that was one of our favorite things to do I have not bought a new FIEF In the past three years I still play for seventeen. That's the best one other than fever fourteen and then ten And those are genuinely the only three fief of games that I play because it's just not worth it at this point. They look better like they've got the update or roster. They've got all those cool little pixels making bright colors and like what do all that's cool but the Gameplay is somehow Stang saying it's somehow staying the same but getting worse like they're never making an an improvement they're only getting worse and worse and worse and do fiba could be so fucking good at this point like imagine if we got like twenty percent. Better I'm just like fourteen and just do all the new kids all the new players. Yada Yada Yada and I'm play that Shit. I did up to sixty dollars for that shit all day. One of our friends said the only reason he bought fee for twenty because it was on sale on the PS four Sales say if like just you know. Dropped his twitter account For All the leads podcast. Shit but if any of your still playing Fee for seventeen fucking trying to get in contact with me. It will be tough but I promise you a whoop that ass me and my brothers are having a league right now. Top of the League baby. I went undefeated. Four six games and then lost two straight. So we're GONNA TRY BOUNCED BACK Manchester United. Under a seventy four rated Radford eighty rated Marchisio Andy Hitter. Add yes hall. Pobox ruin my center attacking Mid Luke. Shaw aired by daily blend. Bring him back. Is that giving you just use pumps right now? You have some just saying that raw man. That's my fucking roster of you know the perfect Manchester United Squad under me. It's honestly you're Manchester United Squad. If they want to. Wherever we should be the coach I I do not understand why haven't been getting calls yes aright airway old on cities taking Martin's dog Sadie is now running off with his beer. Sadie alcoholic. I don't know she got her nails painted today..

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