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The confidential proposal we do though about the process of just how the city crafted with proposal it would've your steve tower just back from the barnes foundation were he players in the coalition reflected on that bids the tell us more we'll steve pidc president john grady says cities across north america were put into a frenzy when amazon put out the word brady says the results showed that there is a strong collaborative process in philadelphia everyone in the room felt from the beginning that we have this great set of assets probably the most important thing was to make that pitch in a really authentic genuine philadelphia away the chief of staff in the city's commerce department sylvie galle a howard says the core team research the inner workings of amazon including its culture even hanging out at its seattle campus i think we were their first principle therefore to no you're mayor kenney adding steve philadelphia is in the goldilocks zone for amazon just right the h q coalition that would not comment on its incentives package including tax breaks citing the nondisclosure agreed through the newsroom you told me there were three sites in mind any prime spot right the navy yard in south philadelphia and to and university cities steve near thirty us read station afterwards we talked to the mayor about it near kenny liked the vibe of the companies already at the navy out and its proximity to the highways and the airport so he seems to favour that one but he also says amazon could be attracted to the educational resources and innovation in university said and we continue to wait steve tower with us thank you see you bet a search track to swear wandira dramatic developments involving gbi north central pennsylvania politician considered to become the nation's next drugs czar dibiase news white house horse wanted steven portnoy joining us even what happened well steve president says that tom marino decided to withdraw his name from consideration that he had.

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