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She's Tacoma Greg Kickin and one day. She's having lunch by herself and she sees big and she's like. I'm so mad at you and then she's so mad that her water breaks God. It's like the one like one of the few Cathartic moments in this movie. She's like I fuck you. You suck and then she's like. I need you like God. Damn it so she takes her to the hospital. Oh and then carry shows up and they're like he was waiting here for you. You still loves you. He wrote you all these love letters and she's like what love letters and then she goes into the email file of all the one sheet how to use email because relationships are sacrifice yeah then they he retyped book he copy and paste up other our people's rights and then wrote two sentences and she's like good good enough. She goes actually permanent that he bought for her. Then is selling again because because she likes the shoe she likes she loves shoes. Jennifer Hudson. She calls Jennifer Hudson by the way Jennifer Hudson's getting married not that it has any relevance. She's back in St Louis. She's not even in in New York but yeah she's back home and then she has to call to give Kerry one more plot point which is that. There's a shoe somewhere. That's truly what happens one. If Kerry goes into that closet and instead of shoes it's like the pathway to devil worshipping cult like Rosemary's Mary's Bay wasn't really in the closet that was where there was or there was like remember they move the like that big piece of furniture and there she meets the back of the closet and then there's like the hallway alway to the Colts House that is such a better movie and it was made by like the most famous molester. It's just like this movie is bleak. Vivian and what if she goes in the closet and big is fucking his secretary and she's like well my Mola Blahnik sir here so all Mareo anyways I I mean that's that's about standards yeah so he's like hey all Zora's is holding your shoe and they can of you and then she's like. Let's see oh man. I love you and he's like. Let's get married again. This time. I won't leave so it ends. The the movie ends the same way that TV show ended again get married but this time they were simple chanel vintage suits roots because the symbolism is she didn't need the big dress. She just needed Chanel. She knew what she wanted the whole time. She should have settled. I mean she just is needed. Man as every woman in this movie does and then the there at the courthouse. The gals are there to surprise her than that's Jennifer. Gaudin doesn't even get to go. She's trapped in Saint Louis cod but that's the movie of sex in the city.

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