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I think that since the brain of a few extra try early, they did. I think the plan I guess, is to really split up the touches between the running backs is off the first two weeks that Nixon thirty eight of the forty six carry running backs in g only had like seven or eight of them. So I think we're gonna see a much more evenly distributed share of touches in with Rawls east twenty five years old. He had some success with Seattle. He was last with the jets, and those are two teams that exactly have great options at running back. So the stolen, the market, it's a little concerning, but there is some youth there. Long. There is some long speed games, feeling like a four, six, five combat, but he's obviously much more a fast, Agnes someplace that more game speaking pads and whatnot. But I, I would be at least interesting. You kinda fits run on outside zone. But yeah, it would be an interesting option ethic just says more to what. M their plans for when mixed his out? Yeah. Like I said, last Rawls he was torturing the Bengals, but luckily they came up on top on that on that game. But you know, like I do believe, as you said, I think that that's that's to be the plan with mixing out. I think that's going to there's going to be a a rotation. Bernard got more into the mix on Thursday night. I think partially that was that was by design. But I also think that was because mixing. Exited the game a couple of times because of that knee issue. So you know, I think that. Bernard could be poised for a big, pretty big, statistical game, probably a little bit more in the passing game, Joe mixed in, but maybe not as much on the ground, but definitely looked more effective on Thursday night than he did against the Colton week wine. And obviously I only like to touches that game. So now we move onto a very, very interesting one in one that. There's two, there's two prongs to this type of type of thing. Bego. Yeah, the Bengals the Bengals worked out former Panthers and Steelers safety, Mike Mitchell, and he lives in infamy in the in the eyes of fans and Bengals players head hunting, AJ, green egg hunting, Tyler Reifer. It's just had hunting in general. That's kind of his deal. He wasn't enforcer for the for the Steelers. He had a couple. I think he had one or two pretty good seasons with them in terms of actually making some interceptions and stuff, but really fell off the map was last year in terms of what he was able to do in in. He was exposed. The Bengals were Tim out. Now from a player standpoint has got anything left that could contribute to the Bengals because it's it's an interesting thing that they would bring a guy that's maybe more known as at. A hitter. Maybe pretty decent against the Rhone yet they get rid of Georgia loca. Terra Lawson is more about that. Creating those turnovers in those big plays, but maybe they kinda want that presence. A guy who's familiar with the AFC north as a player in fit for the Bengals. What do you think? Yes, I think his value comes as a veteran. I think as much as we spangles fins don't like him on the field. He has some value as guy in the locker room in, you know, as Sean limbs don't have much experienced distance. I think that's resigned. I really like what he said last year about safeties coming down down the games, kind of unfair. He was used in one hundred nine precent from him as a player like backwards released in March. I said, like if the Steelers roster at the secondary, I don't know where you really fit in the NFL because the. They have one of the worst back ends on defense in the league. With experience, obviously, age. I don't see him even if he feeds by sometimes does sign. I don't see him going significant snaps at all may be more special teams, even Mike.

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