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1 year ago

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6 d ago
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She said, no. And this is totally demonstrates. How the how the Democrats are not willing? I bet you this is part of the deal. She cut with the the Alexandria Cossio Cortez the world, this is part of the deal. They want to be part of that resistance movement, come hell or high water everything. Trump does is resist. Are you willing to make a deal, basically, we get border security? We'd be willing to you. Would you be willing for amnesty for the dreamers? She said, no. President Trump was threatening a government shutdown of money for the border wall isn't security as congress fights over seven final spending bills. Nancy pelosi. She weighed in early today giving signals here of how she was gonna go. I'll give you cut twenty five. Ross your some House Democrats are concerned about adding more money for this. Or you guys do a CR my understanding is that that would approve one point three at least million for the Puerto fast and necessarily. That's what it was last year. So if you extend that again. Wouldn't that? Be it depends on how you spend the money. Order security. Security, but within that there was money for the fence as well. Defense. Oh, the fence or she'll go for the fence. But she won't go for the wall. Is that what it is semantics game? A Nancy Pelosi. Look, are you would you be willing to trade off here? You know, DACA. The for the wall Nancy Pelosi..