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We've got Caroline Rothwell in the building. She's the president and founder of Carol Marketing. It's putting on a show. Thank you for having me tell us about your company. What you guys do I established car market in 2004. We are basically we're fashion influence come together. And we do marketing NPR's services and bran development Services for fashion clan while you were telling me about is which I think is interesting is how you went from doing like fashion consulting Channel consulting giant People that own giant shopping malls. How do you go from being in the fashion space to becoming like high end, high paid marketing consultant that helps huge businesses could I know people that are in the fashion space? And they're not shifting over to where you did have a lot of that process of think The ironic thing that happened was they found me. Give me example. One example is I was sort of invited to an event And next thing I know, I'm being introduced to certain people and they were vetting me and I didn't quite understand. They were betting me like people with $100 Million networks. And yes, So you never know who's watching. You never know what they're bringing you in for, um, Sounds like whoever made that connection for you owe them a favor. I know. I know. I'm very That is your life. Yeah, And I think the other thing is to just having the agency for so long. I work with baby brands, and I worked with large established friends. I've built a couple brand empires. So I think people take notice. And if they're looking for a refresher looking for someone They could come in and kind of get the job done. That's what they're looking for Somebody to get the job done. You're the special agent. The higher kind of so I want to know what the journey looks like for you because at the end of the day, it's one thing to jump forward like we have right now. Which is the success what you've accomplished, But I want to go back to the beginning. I want to know what it was like. Was it easy was entrepreneurship always on the radar? Did you have a job? You hated paint the picture fresh. With interesting is I was very much on the track to become a lawyer. I was very much that you didn't go that drink very happy. It took me a while to kind of accept that because I think you have a much safer track. And you kind of can anticipate what your future is gonna look like, Um, I didn't think you were if you were an attorney, if you were, Yeah, you kind of know where you're going to go. Usually usually not always, though. Not always. I mean, you can shift it partner shipping and do different types of it. So I guess it's different if your attorney who start their own practice, which is an attorney who works for a business, exactly exactly. So, you know, it was kind of interesting. I always stayed in politics. But what happened was instead of going into environmental politics. I stayed in the arts. And so I worked for Al Gore for a little bit and did some environmental work with Al Gore. And then I worked with song guests, and then I worked with Tom Ridge, the governor of Pennsylvania, and that's where they shifted me and arts education. Secretly. I was also signed to an independent record label. So I was performing in New York and opening for some big bands, and I kind of have that secret life going and I was looking for something creative. I didn't want to Remain in my navy suit. I was only 25. I felt like there had to be more out there for me. Luckily, someone saw my CV and the political system and flew me to Los Angeles out of the governor's office, and I secured a corporate communications position at a young age and I worked in the tech space. Andre flew me up to San Francisco, and that's when I knew I wanted to stay in California and kind of explore my options out here. S so it was kind of a wayward road that took me in. But since I was a child, I always loved fashion..

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