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If you did that at age forty faucet now see now tom brady is getting an opportunity to see what it's like to be in peyton manning shoes or the biggest dell was the head coach another bill still great time yes he was all time off out met game tom brady drop the path that would have been a touchdown with not have been a touch the first day it was a terrible do i don't think even shannon sharpe show go ahead been at the end they'll do as kevin durant pass lebron as the best player your discussing joy kevin durant was unstoppable last night's going thirty seven points in the warriors game one win katie's averaging about twenty nine points and seven rebounds this postseason over in the east lebron is coming up bad game one in boston but he's been dominant in the playoffs averaging about thirty three nine and nine she anand who's the better player right now brandi honest speak your heart scale bayless is lebron and i really don't know why we have in this common but in order to boss to have this conversation kevin durant has to do what he did last night in lebron has to do what he did on sunday so let that sink it just a second in order for this to even be a discussion kevin durant has to go for thirty seven three and one in the brian has to go for fifteen nine did you see k d and game four new orleans do you see that i don't know go ahead the game came into ran last night joy lebron james got five with this alone not kevin durant over the last two postseason have five such their game the thirty seven plus points more lebron james got tim of those games you see in order for us to even have this discussion like you and not having a quarter discussion right now lebron james have to play like a bom that's the only way we can have this because we didn't have this when he went for forty six twelve my when he went for forty three eight and fourteen when we add no discussion but now.

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