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Charleston or you can just saying the names, John Lennon Own, McCartney, John Tyson stop needs still coney eaves and to Pew Bipolar on what was the most difficult point. I think is a is an interesting situation. But medal darkness. You still have the music at the end of the day is amusing the. Strongest D-. Yeah Oh without doubt You know you mentioned earlier you know we were talking about just the. You know the the. Like aspect of the band and how they took their job seriously and then the immense amount of pressure, and then the time crunch that you put into it. Lesser Human Beings would have just put out you know maybe a song or two, and then a bunch of crap. But that's not what happens. Here. You've got you know as you said, seven years of almost every album being subpoenaed earlier to the one preceding it it's just. It's incredible. Any you know whatever angle you look at it it's really just an incredible period of time. You anybody in history each. Album is forward by a much superior. I mean you can argue whether the way. The sound and he's already. But. It's a double album. All these discussions are very healthy. I'm a great believer in. One of the magical things. As, you can have so many different points of. I still come at the same site to go. Just thank you know that you'll never see no exodus find again in terms of the fluency of subsequent generations but. When And As, a good example of the. Quite going. Question the worst would did. spotify is not invite a Lennon Megani. So but it's a George Harrison Song here comes the. Because active, we'll take your child's Mois. Let's coming up on the rails. But often I I was always fascinated by the Even know what? Reaching the end of this was so much happening in older lace spoke of ended on. What casting the what s help Rates in the van the end. which is also incredible. Oh I completely agree. So do you think that first ring of the bell towards their demise was the sudden death? A Brian? Epstein? It has a significant ought to play. You say finding the division bail in a sense. You know lying moist. The Guy, who wrote all these strands together Louise quite prepared to. DEAL WITH POLGE twins joins wends Georgia's. Rangan have anyone's because he was quite happy to go with little. And he seemed to be able to compartmentalize all these different issues and create some kind of unique. At I died all of a sudden the ship take tiny as long as on the looks. A. Note to. No, the debt needs somebody to be a business mind I. mean you may have left by it's one of US Open ended questions. You know when? Yeah. Yeah. Because Brian Brian as as as good of a personal manager he was. Business Wise. I might give him a C. Yeah SASINA. Semesters. Yeah Yeah. So they always had that side of the business side was always influx and and I think to your point if things had gotten a serious with. with Brian and really looking deep into the books yet they may have decided they needed. Somebody. Clinch. Yeah, yeah you know. So that gets to the first point because you know you know Brian is the year before You point to apple cores..

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