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Fire crews in Hollywood have taken care of two house. Fires in the same block of north L central avenue. A spokesperson for the fire department says at least one of the homes was vacant. She says an arson investigator has been called in a plan has been finalized for how to spend the tax money raised for parks in L A county stakeholders have spent the last few months coming up with a blueprint for. How the tax should be spent key among the policies is to make sure that park. Poor neighborhoods are addressed LVN is with prevention institute says the measuring money present a once in a generation if not once in a lifetime opportunity county supervisor Hilda Sali's says the nearly one hundred million dollars race each year could fulfill that reversal gonna push the level playing field even farther board of supervisors has approved the recommendations, including funneling thirty percent of the money to park poor communities in LA, Chris ancarlo KFI news now bay was reinstated. A 2017 plastic sandbag ban that was suspended after November's wildfires. Cal trans LA county public works and other agencies have been told plastic sandbags may no longer be used or distributed within the Malibu city limits. City officials say burlap or jute sandbags can provide the same erosion and flooding protection as plastic sandbags. But don't have the same environmental impacts a prison guard could become the guarded. Prosecutors say the guard has been arrested on suspicion of taking cash bribes. Lives in exchange for smuggling things into the federal correctional complex in victorville. Paul Hayes was a Lieutenant assigned to investigate the bad things inmates and guards do officials say he accepted forty thousand dollars in cash from the girlfriend of an inmate so she can take illicit things into the prison. She was also arrested. Debra Mark KFI news. The FDA has approved a for severe depression a medication closely related chemically to a powerful psychedelic Johnson and Johnson's zoo. Antidepressant nasal spray is meant for people who don't fear relief with older options said to take effect almost instantly. The drug is similar to ketamine an illegal party drug popular in the nineties and wrestling star King Kong Bundy has died in New Jersey. The six foot four four hundred fifty pound wrestler was best known for losing to hoc HOGAN in a steel cage match. I've wrestlemainia to in one thousand nine hundred eighty six he also made guest appearances on the sitcom married with children. He was sixty one.

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