President Trump discussed on Duncan Trussell Family Hour


Um i i think the pressure's gonna be building and i think he will make it too if the president bill i wa i dunno i think he he'll end up resigning before anything but whether that's you know after reelection or before outta i'm not sure i don't think he'll go through it getting a piece i think it'll get down to the wire where they start digging through his finances enough where he doesn't want that expose the he's you know not as riches he says he is i think that will be a big blow to him and he will he will resign and hopefully try to squash that uh that uh investigation do you think one thing that i wonder is if there's people and i think there are if there's people like who who work in you know what they call the deep state road right i think maybe there's people in in the governor in in the government who recognize like you guys don't realize we've got you can't have a fucking guy like this driving the bus and he's going insane they probably know that 'cause they're monitoring him way closer than we we we are you know he's in the fucking white house is basically like going to live in an mk alter laboratory right like you're in it in the nexus point of all surveillance your your he's he's being watched by other countries probably you know who are like listening to his causing ship it that they know like okay okay we got to do something we've got a fucking do something here i i wonder if though i come to him at some point say look here it is the pissed tape man here's the thing in our own here's just resign were not going to fucking.

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