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I'm gonna do what she. Bush. Nephew. So they told me they are worried that without a menas voice the right of immigrants and refugees in south Seattle. We'll take a hit. However, they told me they're going to continue the work that she started in that meet and greet that they were planning by the way, it's still on Friday, December twenty first here's the flyer. It'll have a slightly different tone is they remember the life of Amina Ahmed live in south Seattle. Patrick quinn. Komo news. All right, Patrick. Thanks very much check in with city hall. They also call her desk. Just devastating and heartbreaking called her a fresh new voice for their city tonight. Federal investigators say this fire that destroyed this Jehovah. Witnesses kingdom hall and Lacey was intentionally set. The hall went up in flames early Friday morning late today, the ATF rolled it, an arson. This is the fifth suspicious fire at a kingdom hall and Thurston county in the last six months. The others have been in Hjelm Olympia and Tom water. Investigators are also trading yesterday's fire. Are in Lacey as a possible hate crime. Police are investigating a fight that broke out at a Lynnwood bar right here. This is a look at the scene overnight in video you'll only see on KOMAL county sheriff's office says a group of alleged white supremacist walked into the rec room bar and attacked a black DJ last night witnesses tell us the group was yelling racial slurs at the DJ. And a fight broke out. The DJ was taken to the hospital with non serious injuries. Police say they arrested eight men participation of malicious harassment and assault. Right now, Ken police are looking for a man they say is considered armed and dangerous after a deadly shooting overnight. It happened in the parking lot at the villa apartments. Police say they are now looking for Jose Rivera Cruz. Anyone who sees Rivero crews this man or knows where he may be should not approach him, but call nine one one new tonight Seattle police say they have arrested a man for allegedly robbing a business at gunpoint in free. Egmont officers say the suspected robber also tried to carjack several drivers before they took the man into custody here at thirty ninth and bridge way north Seattle police tell us they'll release more details. When information becomes available. Let's take a live look now, I ninety this is Kami pass right now the road bear and try and traffic is moving smoothly. But that is likely to change before the weekend is over so says Parrella Lewis, let's check in with her. Now, she's got the.

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