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Subscribe picture is seen for me it's nineteen thirty five at a theater in jersey city bing crosby steps off the stage to rapturous applause in the crowd that's filtering out of the auditorium there's very young couple he's thin and handsome piercing blue eyes she's got dark hair and dark eyes and she's wearing a dress she'd made herself as the pair of them make their way back home the boy turns to the girl and says someday that's going to be me up there boy's name is frank sinatra and the girl is soon to be wife nancy nancy sinatra senior passed away this past friday aged one hundred one she was right there at frank side when he made good on his promise and went from working as a singing waiter making twenty five bucks a week to being the most famous entertainer in the world maybe that sounds like a dream come true for a young couple the reality was a little more complicated just ask their daughter tina sinatra when tom power spoke to tina a couple of months back she'd been thinking a lot about her mom and dad because she just put together a compilation of francs music tina sinatra's gonna tell you what it was really like to grow up in the sinatra household but first off she wanted to share her dad's favorite thing about toronto i made a movie for cbs warner brothers in ninety four i think and it was actually the last film performance that would give an unfortunately was too expensive to clear the music in perpetuity so it ran once or twice on network and got buried wow what was the name of the movie it was called young at heart actually so did you did you and your dad come to toronto for them i was there and he flew up and we we flew him up and out in about six hours with as he put it some of the best italian delicatessen food he'd ever had which was cool for toronto go toronto go toronto so tell me about this album when i think about frank sinatra to me it's it is the pitta me of grownup music you know what i mean like it's music for getting dressed up going out.

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