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News I'm Richard cancer the witnesses will be testifying remotely as the Senate health committee holds a hearing on reopening the U. S. economy Dr Anthony found she the top infectious disease expert on the coronavirus task force in the heads of the CDC and FDA will testify over video conference to a Senate committee New York times reporting found she is expected to tell senators that Americans will experience needless suffering and death if the country reopens prematurely eighty season as they look to Tara it's in dispute but the president is telling corona virus testing president trump says the United States has met the moment and prevailed on testing for the corona virus even as many public health experts warned that the United States continues to like the widespread testing needed to properly traced the virus we've developed a testing capacity on managed an unrivalled anywhere in the world Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer on the other hand remains deeply critical of the administration's response saying the United States performance has fallen short of other countries ABC's Jordyn Phelps in Washington the president repeated his weekend Twitter claim that his predecessor mastermind of the Russia probe that produce trumps impeachment the president making a vague criminal charge against former president Obama for the investigation against him and his advisers Obama game it's been going on for a long time it's been going on from before I even got elected but when asked what law president Obama broke you know what the crime is the crime is very obvious to everybody what you have to do is read the newspapers except yours president trump suggesting his justice department may investigate and prosecute former president Obama Andy field ABC news Washington the administration announced final approval of the billion dollar geminus solar power project northeast of Las Vegas it'll be the largest in the U. S. one of the largest in the world conservationists say the project will destroy thousands of acres of habitat for the threatened Mojave Desert tortoise you're listening to ABC news I have three now newsradio six ten WTVN traffic and weather mornings and afternoons on newsradio six ten WTVN take a look at chore Tuesday drive now with Johnny health well a couple of early accidents to talk about S. P. still on scene of an accident a car versus deer accident on U. S. thirty three east of Union County rest area several medics were requested to the scene but already cleared from it I just watch removing thirty three from Marysville to Columbus Reynoldsburg New Albany and east Broad Street that intersection is re opened after a hit skip crash said one person the hospital shortly after two fifteen the road was closed for a couple hours this morning traffic and weather together powered by temp star in customer care more traffic you can trust in minutes I'm John Hill Andy's radio six ten WTVN their ABC six first warning weather from meteorologist Jim get all partly cloudy cool today the high fifty seven degrees still well below normal high in the low seventies there was some light frost again tonight the low thirty seven partly cloudy a little bit warmer tomorrow high of sixty four bit Thursday through the weekend the more like June highs be seventy five to eighty along with some scattered storms weather's power by the basement Dr mostly clear now thirty six and grow for thirty seven acres severe weather station newsradio six ten WTVN this news a service of legacy retirement group as more of a high was a con to be re opens today governor Mike DeWine delayed the release of a plan that would allow daycare centers to operate again citing more research needed to allow them to operate safely is very very important that we get this right and we don't want outs the date until we have the protocols in place and that we can explain those to all the care givers out there in all the families out there he wants the most safety based in science based plan to be developed before announcing a date for child care facilities to re open a sector that is reopening today retail outlets of plenty of new social distancing protocols in place lieutenant governor John Q. stat says a lot of input came from the establishments on how to protect their employees we've learned a lot from what businesses have done the operate safely throughout this process from manufacturing to grocery stores and intend to let you know that that the standards are even stronger now the standards for the protocols in in the businesses that are operating continued to get stronger and a lot of it is that we have the resources to do that now we have more sanitizer for able to to stock up on disinfectants and sanitizers and clicked keep those surfaces clean as for wearing a mask while the requirement is left up to each establishment Houston says pouring one shows respect to the people you come in contact with Ohio state has organized a task force to determine best practices for re opening the campus to students this fall A. B. C. six Haley Elson says are still plenty of questions about that what will class look like for the fall semester this counts forces working to create a transition that's multiple phases to return back to campus the tentative schedule right now is to have an announcement for fall semester plans by mid June the university's promising to share updates on that process also part of the plan will be how to handle athletics of university athletics director gene Smith also on that committee radio six ten WTVN sports Major League Baseball owners approving a proposal that aims at baseball back in home stadiums with no fans by early July the players get a look at that proposal today Browns coach Kevin Stepan's Guinness family finally have moved to Cleveland the passkey because the pandemic have been working remotely from Minnesota since being hired to a tiger by all of the first top quarterback in this draft class to agree to a contract he gets a four year deal worth more than thirty million from Miami from the central Ohio on the dealer support steps backward use radio six ten WTVN.

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