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Minutes 1st 3 15 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the five series, Tony's Fondo. We've got a sigalert in Sherman Oaks affecting the four or five and the one on one. Let's check in with Desmond Shawn, the Southern California Toyota dealers. Fifi is here is the South bound for five connectors to both the East and West would want their both shut out here on the south out for five. So you're gonna find it Unusual back up here Coming away from Burbank Boulevard. You could exit there and you could had westbound. Burbank Boulevard over toward Balbo. If you want to get on the freeway that way North that's got your check in a little bit here and adding to sub brake lights here, it's one of the hillside of sport passes you had towards Van Nuys. Let's go to hell. Body and Bryant with 10 Little improvement here, entry crashing Bobby's car rolled over here. This is going to be to Metro Express Lane still remain blocked The main lines open. But this 10 eastbound from before Pac run all the way back San Gabriel Boulevard. It's going to be tough, and I do want to point out up ahead through. Well, West Covina, right at the top of the Kellogg Kill. Looks like we saw the Big rig stalled in the right lane and looks like they just issued a sig alert for this far right lane. So that's got you tough now coming out of West Covina, Denise and Lincoln Heights. We've gotta brush fire. This is five South on right at main, And that's where the right lane is closed. If you spot traffic trouble, give us a call on the cant Ex Valvoline Instant oil change Traffic tip line Our numbers 323467 10 70 Next reported 3 25 more traffic reports for often I'm Denise Fondue in the S T. C c u 24 Hour Traffic center. Say next in 70, NewsRadio temperature soaring well above averages. We have heat advisories and excessive heat warnings in place across the region Temperatures this afternoon topping out.

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