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You know, this clause are all we got a rubber band on it, And you just put it headfirst right into the pot. And then you hear kind of a scream, actually, And I was, is that the lobster screaming from being dunked in boiling water? It's actually some gas that's being something scratched the side of the pot. So that's not the audio. I have that That's some gas coming up. No, they don't. Well, they do make us they make a weird kind of sound. And they do struggle there a little bit, but you know, but you know, then they get red. And that's the end of it. There. Was there dead when they're red. It's me, you know, but lobster and then you get the butter and you're all set. Oh, yeah. Crack those. Glaus, Yum! Hey. Speaking of food. I never heard of this video game, but apparently it was huge during the pandemic, called among us. And and even your buddy AOC played online and and and there was video of her playing with alien Omar. So that must have been a hell of a game. So they were playing this game among us so that one of the avatars Anyway, someone had a chicken mcnugget. That was shaped like one of the characters in this, uh, this game among us, and they put it up for bed and they started the bidding at 99 cents. Do you want to guess what a close that this chicken McNuggets shaped like a Got game show character. $100,000 Correct. $100,000 stop unbelievable for a chicken mcnugget 100,000. I think people have either too much time or too much money on their hands just because AOC and the other anti Semite played with it. No, no, it's not because they played with it. But can you imagine buying a chicken mcnugget a stale one at that for $100,000, so it looks like something from a video game need to get back into life. You know, it's the world's gone bonkers. Alright, news time. 9 30 Joe Bartlett. Good morning, Joe. Alright your lobster imitation. Let's pretend we put show in the pot of boiling water. What would you say? You want to hear the scream again? That's the lobster being boiled, But I'm just tastes so good. But you're getting redder and redder down there in South Carolina, Man. You look you got Sun tan. Yeah, you're You're red as a lobster down there. Yeah, absolutely. Retired NYPD officer was killed during a fight at a Brooklyn pizzeria. Yesterday, Thomas Marinin ran to the Brooklyn Pizzeria to help the father of retired correction Officer Robert Velasquez. Elderly man was in a dispute with 33 year old Michael Soto and chief Joseph Golota says the last says fired a shot during the cost of the struggle. Which moved down the block. The 58 year old male pulled out his firearm. One round. We believe Was discharged. Striking both victims. Yeah, Marilyn was struck in the chest and he later died camera. Cuomo.

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