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This'll is AP News. I'm Rita Fall away. Is it over? Yet? CDC Director Dr Rochelle Walensky says she is cautiously optimistic that the end of the Corona virus pandemic, maybe in sight. CDC says those who were fully vaccinated don't have to wear masks anymore. In most circumstances, Here's our soccer Madani from the White House today. Is a great day for America to Atlanta. We have all longs For this moment. CDC director Rachelle will lead ski announcing the agency's latest guidance. Fully vaccinated. People can stop wearing masks outdoors and in most indoor settings, You can start doing things that you had stopped doing because of the pandemic. The CDC is still calling for masks in crowded settings like hospitals and wild traveling. Unvaccinated Americans should keep wearing masks indoors. Nearly 70% of North Carolina's gas stations still have no gas 73% of stations in Washington, D. C. Panic buying is continuing, though Colonial pipeline says the fuel is flowing again through the pipeline that delivers almost half of the fuel they use on the East Coast. They shut down the pipeline when hackers attacked There could be even bigger trouble coming and Israel's fight with Hamas. AP correspondent Joseph Kraus reports from Jerusalem that Israeli tanks of pounded Gaza Israel launched a barrage of very heavy artillery fire overnight that it said was aimed at a network of militant tunnels inside Gaza. Israeli military says that Hamas and other militant groups used these tunnels to launch rockets into Israel and also to hide from Israeli surveillance and air strikes. This was the first time that Israel has used artillery in this way since the conflict began on Monday, and it could pave the way for a possible ground invasion in the coming days. If the situation escalates. This is AP News To Florida deputies who were fired for inaction during the park Land School massacre in 2018 are expected to get their jobs back. AP correspondent Jackie Quinn With the latest on this story, a Broward County circuit judges ruled deputies Brian Miller and Joshua Stambaugh should be reinstated to their jobs with back pay. The ruling is based on a 180 day deadline for taking disciplinary action against law enforcement officers, which was made Best. In both cases, both law enforcement officers were faulted for waiting outside Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School instead of rushing in and confronting gunman, Nicholas Cruz. Third deputy was also fired not only for driving away from the scene but also for failing to write up a tip that crews had been making threats on social media about shooting up a school. I'm Jackie Quinn and I'm Rita Foley. AP News I'm Rita Foley within a P amusement at it's being hailed as a major step toward returning to a normal life. We don't have to wear masks anymore in most situations if We are fully vaccinated against Cove it the guidance from the CDC who's director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky said this morning on the Today show. She's hopeful the end of this drama is in sight. After the CDC issued its guidance, President Biden appeared without a mask, telling reporters. I think it's a great milestone. Great day. Has been made possible. The extraordinary success we've had in vaccinated so many Americans so quickly, but he also pleaded with those who have not gotten their covitz shots. Look, we've gotten this far. Please protect yourself. Until you get to the finish line. Because there's great is this announcement is the day we don't want to let up. I'm Rita Foley. This'll is AP News. I'm Rita fall away. Have you gone out without a mask? Yet? The CDC says it's safe for fully vaccinated people to stop wearing masks in most cases. The President Biden's making a plea to those who haven't gotten a cove it shot yet. Here's our soccer Madani, president Biden says. For those who have not yet received the shots, Look, we've gotten this far. Please protect yourself. On the flip side, Dr. Anthony Fauci says those who no longer have to wear masks made still be hesitant to take them off. The risk is extremely low. Getting infected if you're vaccinated, But both he and the president say it's their choice and there's nothing wrong with that, and they shouldn't be criticized. Let's be patient. Be patient with one another saga room agony. Washington The nation's largest fuel pipeline is flowing again after the company that runs it was hit by hackers. But long lines remain a gas stations throughout the Southeast. Here's our my campaign Colonial restarted this pipeline late Wednesday, which means fuel is now running between Refineries in Houston and Southeast states, But it will take a few days or even weeks for everything to get back to normal. The head of oil Analytics and S and P global plants, Richard Jazz, Wick says station should be open for business and well supplied next week, but on Lee if the pipeline operates its planned And customers stop hoarding fuel the man suspected of shooting and wounding three people in New York Times Square, including a four year old girl says he doesn't know anything about it and was in New Jersey at the time. Barry can Mohammed spoke from a county jail in Florida, where he's in custody after being arrested. Israeli artillery pounded northern Gaza this morning trying to destroy militant tunnels, says the military and paving the way for potential ground invasion. This is AP News. Marine Corps officer is charged with taking part in the January 6th insurrection at the U. S. Capitol Building, Marine Major Christopher Warner Garris is taken into custody Thursday at the Marine Base in Quantico, Virginia. Not far from the Capitol in Washington, the 40 year old who had tours of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, is charged with being part of the pro trump mob that forced their way into the Capitol building on January. 6th court documents describe the Marine pushing past a police officer at one door, then scuffling with another officer who tried to pull the door shut. Former coworker recognized warn Aguirre's from photos and told the FBI he is the first active duty service member charged in the insurrection for reservist or National Guard members and about 40 veterans are among the 400 plus people charged in the attack. Tim McGuire, Washington The Dow was up 433 points yesterday. I'm Rita Foley. AP News The You're having a sleepover and hey, Are you still awake? Yeah. Are you hungry? Yeah. Do you think your dad would drive us to McDonald's deal? 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