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Used at airports and military bases. The fast detection act authorizes forty five million dollars for the US Geological Survey to conduct nationwide. Sampling and develop new advanced technologies to detect the chemicals, Michigan congressman, Dan. Kildee is the sponsor of the Bill in the house. Michigan has more known pee sites than any other state, but that's because Michigan developed a comprehensive program to find water contamination. As a result of the Flint water emergency. The updated map shows that p contamination is truly a nationwide problem impacting millions of Americans in hundreds of communities, dick, Hafner, WJR news. A southeast Michigan congressman has joined growing number of Democrats supporting impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. Right. Presentative Andy Levin. A democrat from Bloomfield Township north of Detroit announced his support for an impeachment. Inquiry, Saturday Levin representing Michigan's ninth congressional district wrote about his support on Twitter. Of land hospital ordered by the state to take steps to reduce the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria once a hearing on that matter, MacLaurin, McLaren rather Flint hospital, requested an administrative hearing before the state, enforces, the terms of an order over issues with the bacteria that causes legionaires disease. Oh, crack police are searching for twenty three year old devante Bailey who is wanted in the fatal shooting of his brother-in-law. They shooting happened around five thirty pm, Saturday inside a home on Burton street off Coolidge highway where the twenty nine year old brother in law lived, according to oak park police, the two men got into an argument that turned deadly police believe Bailey, maybe headed toward that. It's white area. Bailey should be considered armed and dangerous today is Father's Day. And according to a recent survey by the national retail federation, Americans are expected to spend a record sixteen billion dollars this year. Last year. People spent fifteen point three billion dollars on Father's Day gifts. And this year most.

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