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Doing mystery go the eagles during wild car weekend bears fan made it known on Twitter that they were pissed thought he was being selfish even bears head coach Matt Nagy said and locker room talk about a week thing. And that was more of a meat thing. Do you guys have a problem with party going on the today show? I really don't I don't get this controversy at all. You know, I don't think he was making excuses or anything. I don't get the concert. I don't see why too big deal. I think maybe the Chicago Bears fans maybe trying to void a Steve Bartman situation because you know, how he got put out there in ostracize. I'll have a problem at all anybody who's reminding the world that life is bigger than football than games than sports. Don't condemn do. What he went through hail. And he's paying for it. I'm glad he's a drill. We thing is are they we think they're gonna fire him, right? Like, yeah, they fire and the other fifty three they're gonna fire him. I mean, that's what that was the six one point up the upright yet. It's not going to be working there. So why do they care if he goes on? I don't have a problem with it either. It's technically he didn't miss it feel was blocked. Oh, so technically he didn't miss the field goal. I it was do. I have a problem with it. No. He owned up to it. After the game. He said it was his fault. We know that he will no longer be Chicago Bears easing. We know that as well. So he's gonna space out there. Don, L wasn't ex moving onto a training on Instagram, which I know I had to get in on everybody. Was that ole Sav? Everybody participating teen challenge. Pose a period themselves from old nights. And now even says aside of joining on the child's posing as picture of him and his five XL pink polo in a pair of jeans. Disappointed that these Jay's went out of style hail. Yeah. This case either. Jeez. Right. Got the all up top that was a miss. Everybody's doing the challenge and everybody's showing their worst picture from. And they best from now to show that they're not aging. I wanted to flip it a little bit like show, some jeans visa, remember. I was winning back there. But boy, I look a mess. This can we go back to the picture? I got some questions here about. I wanna make. I want to the size of Dr mills head only Barry Bonds, the only..

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