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The vast majority of the nineteen million Americans who got covered under the law would likely lose it. If ACA were killed as expected the house could not override President Trump's veto of the measure, overturning his national emergency declaration congress needed a two-thirds mature. Authority to override President Trump's veto. But despite some Republican agreement the measure failed to garner enough bipartisan support to effectively end the emergency declaration that would provide funding for a border wall. ABC's Lana Zak, Richard Cantu. ABC news. A new poll looks says that a majority of Americans want to see the full Muller report. The Reuters Ipsos poll shows nearly sixty percent of Americans surveyed wanna see the full Muller report. And almost fifty percent think that Trump worked with Russia to interfere in the two thousand sixteen election despite bar summary. Forty eight percent of poll respondents said they believe Trump or someone from his campaign worked with Russia to influence the two thousand sixteen election, which is down six percentage points from last week of those familiar with bar summary. Just nine percent said it changed their thinking about Trump's ties to Russia and fifty seven percent said they want to see the entire report before deciding that is Mike Bauer. Reporting on that story. What's on tap for the president at the White House today? More from ABC's. Karen Travers hesitant Trump today will present his eighth medal of honor a posthumous award for army staff Sarge. Travis Atkins who died in two thousand seven while saving the lives of three of his fellow soldiers. The president will present the medal to Atkins family here at the White House will be the first time the president has awarded one news service member who fought in Iraq. According to the White House while Atkins was serving in two thousand seven he engaged in hand to hand combat with a suspected insurgent and realize the insurgent was attempting to trigger a suicide vest. The White House says Atkins tackled him using his own body to shield his fellow soldiers from the explosion. Karen travers. ABC news the White House NFL team owners approving some major changes for the two thousand nineteen season. ABC's Jim Ryan says one new policy grew out of a single play in the NFC championship.

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