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Devil's and your source to buy and sell tickets to all devils games and all of ansett new jersey end throughout the country wrong and i know natty mrs this season a giving the devils have been way do generous in their giveaways recently tonight they wanna play scrooge hockey giveaway nothing and on the offense aside i always say you wanna play all out every ship because you never know when a goals good at present itself if you're in a tense frame of mind you will vary that puk whatever it takes a jam a good shaher running over somebody so the devil's need to do it on both sides of the puk that igf is their plan one of the hottest teams in the national hockey league and it's not just the veterans although juice staff reduce point tonight doesn't have a point he the gains it was knows the struggles of travis ajax but the youngsters have to perform to that topline taylor hall biko he sheeran jesper brad yeah they abroad to some trouble the last couple of games they are combined minus thirteen over the last two games so they'll need to start put some points on it tighten up defensively as well let's check out the starting lineups they are affected by of jay part of his healthy good in like that are w j part of itself healthy to together for the la kings it'll be jonathan quick the canetti kidding goal he's fifteen eighty one with a two point one eight goals against he has to shut out to his credit this season on defence it'll be jake muhsin end the norris trophy candidate the annual perennial candidate drew doughty and upfront it'll be andrzej coaltar their captain centering dustin brown at a rookie added the university of minnesota at dilute hours i follow the scratches oscar fantasy berg andy andrea off and you see yolk in it the new jersey devils corey snyder gets the nod in gold looking for with number twelve john morris pair defensively with sammy bought then and it will be travis ajax centering brian gibbons.

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