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She wasn't bear topless, but she might as well she had fabric, and she was pushing Bubis up, it was funny. And it was really we had a good time. And then we had to go fitter, and she had this house in Beverly Hills right on Sunset Boulevard, that had a heart shape pool special has got a lot of publicity. Mickey built this whole heart shaped pool and the whole house. One room was turquoise with a picture of Jane turquoise dress, be based on the wall. And the next room was pink and the next room and she had they, they were taking a shower before the fitting, we're going to fit both of them because they were going to she was going to be a Greek goddess and he was what he didn't have my once you're design had already been shows. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I didn't have any competition at that school right at that time, because everybody wanted to be sports where design, okay? And you know, sit costume design. That's what I'm here for. Well, let's stop there, though, because what point did you decide this was what you were gonna pursue? And how that was when I was ten years old. I decided that so to go up to this college which I guess today is now California Institute of the arts. It is it is it had a big Disney backing at the time and a lot of the artists that they early artists that Disney gone to school there. But then they took over when they just changed the whole school. So I guess had you not got in the scholarship. How would your mom and grandmother have felt about I don't know. I don't think either one of them cared what you, I mean, I was such a weird child that they just figured you better just let him do what he does because he's doing. All right. I got a scholarship. So that was good was the scholarship on the basis every money. So that was good help stuff. You think the scholarship was? On the basis of your sketching, because you were obviously a really great jar from early on. I was two years in this junior college that had a really good art department and I was already pretty good. I was making money, doing strains and stuff around, and the people at the school thought, oh boy. Here we go eastern illustrator. He could be advertising art, commercial art. And then I know I wanna come here to be a costume designer. So the art part was pretty strong to start with it is interesting. Because in some ways, totally different skill sets spiel to draw that beautifully end to make costumes lines and you do. Well, so drew all the time. You know, I live with my grandparents, and there weren't any kids around there were no kids in the neighborhood to speak of sought kids at school. Right. But I was that weird child that didn't like sports whatever anyway, we'll still the reason you ended up leaving college early was because I went back in the fall for the next year and they were saying and this year, we get to do the Kapiti oh shoe competition. And we do this over here in this over there. And I've won them all the year before they said it's time for me to get out of here. I'll just quit a get my portfolio together and it was a good portfolio. And I had to portfolios had one for commercial art, and I had another one that I put together for getting jobs in the studios as sketch Artis for designers, a lot of them didn't draw or they didn't want to, you know or they did huge films. And they had to have help to do all the people in the crowd scenes and all that stuff. Anyway, I did about I don't know half a dozen to a dozen things that were I thought. Very movie, oriented. And I had a friend who was a teacher in the school and look to his stuff. And I went, okay? I can do that. And I did this one drawing. I did a whole lot of stuff period stuff and everything wondering a man in tuxedo. Next tool blonde, glamorous woman.

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