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Marco werman when your job is the moderate content for online platforms, you're exposed to a lot of violent videos, and hate speech. We don't really have a sense or understand what the long term implications of looking at that kind of stuff day in and day out will be a year from now. Five years from now, ten years down the road that story coming up here on the world. I'm Marco werman misses the world. We're a co production of the BBC World Service, PRI and WG be h here in Boston. Beijing. And they will bring the heat this week. A crowd of pool of democratic candidates. Heads two. Yup, Miami for their first prime-time debates. President Donald Trump has looked to a crackdown on immigration as a rallying point for his reelection bid and democratic candidates are fighting back. Cruelty has failed. I want us to choose compassion. I believe that immigrants. Don't diminish America that they are America the pill. A billion Muslims in the world that they are not welcome to come into the United States here to discuss. How immigration is playing out among the democratic candidates, and what to expect in this week's debates is the world's Monica Campbell. Hey, Monica K mart com, how would the democratic candidates positioning themselves on immigration? Well, there a lot of candidates, but they're definitely going to hammer away at what we're seeing right now on the border with the kids and how they're being treated on the border. We're going to hear a lot about that. I went down to the border, and I saw where children had been taken away from their mothers name, little children have been separated from their mothers, people right now, we do not condone as an American value, putting children in cages through cruel policies like family separation are only getting worse. Yeah. Just a sampling of some of the opinions on what's happening at the border. Let's clearly something candidates will be quick to address Monica, but immigration. It's a massive thing. It's more than. Just a border issue in detention centers. What else are they proposing? Well, they're very consistent on immigration, this time round, most are pushing comprehensive immigration reform and they're saying right out of the gate, they'll quickly reverse what Trump has done on immigration. So though, we're store DACA for so-called dreamers and expand it, though, restore the number of refugees the United States accepts which right now is rock bottom of they'll get rid of the travel ban. And finally, they're all very vocal about seeing what's going on at the border. What many call humanitarian crisis seeing it as a humanitarian crisis in not as a security issue. We're their differences among the candidates when it comes to immigration. Are there any bold proposals that stand out when you really gotta look hard to see where there are nuances, some proposals are bolder than others? For example, Kamala Harris, the Senator from California, cheese. Says she would take more unilateral moves executive orders right out of the gate if she becomes president, making it, for example, easier for some undocumented immigrants to get green cards and a path to citizenship, and Julia in custody. Oh, the former mayor of San Antonio, and former secretary of HUD, he was out, I with the most detailed immigration plan. And it's not surprising though, he is from Texas. And he's lived the story, an immigrant life in many ways, I grew up with a grandmother, who came over here from the United States, when she was seven years old from Mexico with her little sister, and they came because their parents had died, and she ended up on the west side of San Antonio raise. My mom is a single parent. She was basically like a second mother to me. She came here, like I bet a lot of your parents and grandparents did, or maybe some of you have with hardly, anything and Castro's proposing to eliminate detention centers. In keeping people out of detention centers, except for the most serious cases. And he also wants to decriminalize crossing the border without authorization. I think it's safe to say the democratic candidates generally are pro immigrant and largely were in two thousand sixteen. Are you seeing any shift, though from then compared to now what I'm seeing is that the candidates are less, wishy washy than in twenty sixteen? They're not saying you know, it's a path toward becoming a legal permanent resident. No, they're saying it's a path to citizenship. So these issues that may have seemed important only to immigrant..

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