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This is news from the Oklahoma news network. I'm Megan dish up. It was a much more subdued Senate confirmation hearing today for governor Kevin Stitz, pick four Budget Secretary. Former state Senator Mike maisy of Tulsa last week, the Senate appropriations committee recessed without a vote after fireworks between maisy. And chairman Rodger Thompson and concerns that the governor was not allowing lawmakers to talk directly to agencies the committee reconvened this morning and confirm Mazey's nomination by a vote of twenty two zero. Now goes to the full Senate for a vote apparent contacted Madison middle school in bartlesville. This morning told the school staff about a missing gun at home that a student may have brought the class turned out. He did the student was located the gun eventually found in a bathroom police were called. In officials say the situation was secured a school statement released said school safe. Safety is a top district concern. And they appreciate the cooperation of parents students staff and police in keeping the school a safe learning environment. They will be home soon national guard unit out of eight a return to the United States Friday after serving nine months in the Middle East members of the twelve hundred forty fifth transportation company ninetieth troop command conducted sustainment and support operations while overseas. They're currently at Fort Hood, Texas for demobilisation before returning home to Oklahoma. You're listening to the Oklahoma news network. Thousands of sandbags are ready to protect property around the keystone dam in northeastern Oklahoma Owens, Jim forci explains why it's the largest about of water to rush through the dam and twenty six years the us. Army corps of engineers is releasing eighty-five thousand cubic feet of water. A second through the damn recent rainfall in keystone lakes watershed has pushed lake levels more than twenty feet above normal doer dead after a fire in prior authorities say the victim's bodies were found inside a burned home early yesterday. The OS be I and the state fire Marshall's office investigating two people lost their lives Sunday when two vehicles collided on I forty four east of Miami in Ottawa county, the highway patrol said the make and model of one vehicle could not even be determined. Because it was completely burned. The two drivers have been identified as forty six year old Christopher Brown of Miami. And thirty two year old Waylon Humphrey of ROY. Paula missouri. Exactly what happened is still under investigation and university of Oklahoma is looking for a new leader as Jim Galilee announced his resignation yesterday. The former energy industry CEO said he told the university's regions. He'll be stepping down. Once they have a transition plan in place is only served as president since last July on the Oklahoma news network. I'm Megan Bishop. Either. Oklahoma.

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