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Naperville find your Cadillac Cadillac of Naperville visit Naperville Cadillac dot com and the gas prices this hour in west Dundee they shall at main and aid to selling gas for two twenty three a gallon in round lake beach the Clark and cedar lake and beach view has gas for two forty three WBBM news time eleven thirty eight strive for traffic and weather together on the agent who's Johnson tres well Jan right now we're watching things on the aids right now no delays and that's good news ninety minutes either way between the cook in the Kennedy junction up on on the can be a bit slow from the burn interchanged Armitage right now fourty minutes downtown a monstrous twenty four to o'hare inbound a slow from there how feeder to the bird interchange twenty three minutes headed downtown thirteen from the junction express lanes inbound currently at eight minutes I said our in the op onsite it's clear in about a bit slow from a scene to the burn interchange thirty one minutes three ninety to downtown eighteen from Mannheim Stevenson is clear on both sides thirty minutes either way between three fifty five and lake shore drive twenty minutes to or from the tri state only ten minutes to or from Cicero I fifty five will county is clear Dan Ryan no delays fifteen minutes either way between ninety fifth the downtown about a fifty seven a bit slow from the rind of stony island eighteen minutes from the Ryan tie eighty on the inbound side were clear fifteen minutes back to the Ryan no problems a bishop Ford fifteen minutes either way between the Ryan in eighty ninety four a short drive is clear in both directions Illinois tollway is all looking good no delays to report on the northwest Indiana roads get traffic and weather together on the aids every ten minutes on newsradio seven eighty and one of five point nine FM WBBM accu weather tonight will be seasonally chili with partly cloudy skies low will be near thirty they tomorrow we'll have a partly sunny sky they had a high of forty six forty three kick off the bears.

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