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Just I have enough on my plate coaching these guys in the other things and deal with it as they come. That is bears defensive coordinator Broncos head coaching candidate Vic Fangio talking about not preparing and not worrying about any potential head coaching jobs. He may be interviewing for in the coming days. The Broncos coaching search continues today. It's Mike mon-. Check. Wad of people that cover the Broncos and our tight to the Broncos are saying that month check is the guy to beat and he's a very intriguing candidate because of his experience and also has a little bit of head coaching experience mixed in with whereas Fangio does not. But to me, I think not only does John Elway have to get the right guy. He's got to get the right guy that kind of re energizes the Broncos fan base. If munch shack is the foreign away. Clear cut winner. Then. Okay. Then go with that. But if munch hack who doesn't excite anybody. I don't know anybody that I've talked to that's the Broncos fan that we'll be doing cartwheels if Mike mon- check is hired. If it's closed between him and like Vic Fangio. If I'm John Elway I go with Vic Fangio the reason being is because of the the renaissance that the bears have gone through. Fangio's a little bit sex year low bit more exciting of a candidate. And I think that people will look and say, oh, we'll Fangio's coming off of year where he was coaching coordinating the number one defense in the NFL a team that I believe win Sunday and could be a threat. Moving forward in the playoffs. That's that gets people more excited. The Mike Mon check in their first. They're going to go who. And then they're gonna remember. Oh, the guy that was with the titans. He wasn't very good was. And then they'll see that. He was ten games under five hundred ago. Oh, yeah. He wasn't very good. Mike mon-? Check might be a good choice. But unless he's far and away the guy. I would I think that John Elway should make a move that. Not only does he believe will yield results on the field. But will also get a fan base that has been disenfranchised and disconnected. And get them excited and get them back out at mile high in getting excited about what the future holds for the Denver Broncos in Vic Fangio can do that. So he's as quickly becoming one of my favorites for that job. And finally today story number three. There were guys who play back when I play, you know, Ronnie Lott. He had the he has sixty.

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