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Know you know what now the dental yeah yeah it'll actually found out that James Gordon isn't driving his car during car karaoke yeah they'll find out that he doesn't actually needed told to take him to work every day right right so it's on a like a flatbed truck and they're just riding around with a camera like a fix to the dealer that's what they do with I know it funny because people on the internet where you stock really realistic yeah we're like do you know how Hollywood works for them or not driving cars now ours fans take those movies TV shows they never drive you're either a set that's in a chair holding history with Dave Matthews announcing the band is going to have a tour this summer begins on June sixteenth a couple of nights in Mohegan sun in Connecticut and then goes all the way through the end of September ending up down in south haven Mississippi Mavis staples Bela Fleck the Flecktones Allen stone Robert Randolph and the family band and jumps to find this is a really weird for Dave yeah Dave Matthews is a very young following which is kind of odd because like even when I was in college I liked him so everyone is in college goes to see Dave Matthews and then to have all these like really older artists opening I'm not sure it's going to work so who is testifying dumpster funk I've been on the front of the Neville brothers that's his banner realities yeah right well not a fan of the laptop to rich McFadden he's a big and who they really yeah they played jazz fest New Orleans every Dave Matthews Band committing to help plant one million trees as an effort to go along with all the things they're doing this summer so that's the update twenty eight after the hour here in the Dave Matthews Band hi I'm Warren Eckstein with the pet show to put the day exercise for senior dogs and your dog hated to senior years he may not be able to run as fast jump as high I have the stamina.

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