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The i mean of course layers upon layers of death because the spanish influenza yellow fever and it was or own and all of that good go st We were walking through know. Of course my sister. You're obsessed with doing ghost tours. So we're we're constantly over there looking for something and we were just walking through with this person because we know they're sensitive. Yes so we were. We were having our own private doss tour and we went to the well. Which is an old historical. Well it's one of the original ones in the area and while we were stood around the well to go touch touch here. Do you feel anything. Do you feel anything. And of course. I'm walking around the well. Like an idiot like touching here and there and i did actually feel something at fell somewhere in between like when a limb falls asleep instead 'electricity but not quite so strong just like a little bit of tangle and i was like oh yeah i i feel something. There's something here like maybe a kid. Something like oh it's neat and of course we keep walking on her way. 'cause we're we're killing time until we go to a dinner at a restaurant and i'm shaking my hand and we're walking and they keep kinda side eyeing me and like do you feel something like yeah. My hand like still feels tinguely from from over the welna go. Yeah it followed you blank. It's holding your hand right now. And i was like no thank you very much of course had to walk past the well so we kindly escorted this this young child. Or what. whoever it was they said that it felt like maybe child who had died in the vicinity which isn't hard to believe and very graciously took it back and said goodbye and immediately all of this dissipated. I put my hand back on the wall and it was gone. I mean diane. Do you think. I mean you know this. I know we're talking about your friend here..

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