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S car with the sixers correspondent on ninety five. That's going to be day of fight. Man that february thirteen days fighting agree with everything. They say you know like i say if he can be from the city man i i got a soft spot mr groner so i just want to see him. Do well man get over this system that he cursed fuck us from cincinnati marion included. So i wanna see the gussied. That's my car up and google right me too hard on yourself. Big dog yeah that's gto. Instagram and twitter catch us on the next one in the morning on twitter instagram. And what up in. Oh ladies and gentlemen young fella and he comes from Oh was was all your what up again. That's i'm just getting back man. Ab back back tom. He's taken on bed. Thorough com santo training and everything. And i'm standing. Looked like you. All and everything redwood. I'm beyond which i only care about. Bono motor beyond the will be. Come back i know you need to feed his family got he got a lot of kin- respected mine on that but it just like i got brownell dealt with them ban aways shit like that e. I don't really watch him to need to watch this dollar. You knew that dude you talking bout name now saying guess what. They're going to give him like grid three cupcakes. What maybe he not gonna fight a prospect. Because you got think of budget ryan in his as somebody. Virgil he gonna feel like. He paid his dues. Our focus on the do you not feeding meeting new bad. i'm not. I'm not a geeky. Roomies him in in regis right. Yeah after he got to get past this one. you know. that's a fight nece. I got bona like shout. The reasons for the city got broken ahead. A regis who you who you had. The most yellow rona read. Just being reason to fight go man is going to be going. Try burlington you hit me burner. You hear me bona. Try to beat the dog out. Joe i i really believe i believe res reading going and he gonna try to hurt bronner for is going to be a fight but i just eat bone having a more attribute for like the movement the has fee are not going to let his hands go in that technically sound fighting and said i'm not trying to read it down. That's i can see teigen. You're gonna give pretty good all right. Whoever you're gonna get it you're not going to be making united will be danny. Go sit in. We got brought a beaten bra. I'm still shot. You got him. Beating regis is not reason is fifty and that's kinda give grown at in still. That got me shot. I don't think no one else would've called in. And said they got boehner. Just pro-gay fifty fifty. For how long have you shocked. Like what would have reasons done. You mean done in the last three years lose-lose and draw is a win in in in three fights and that's got going in all regions breath going on man new orleans hang on. We'll be happy man. He said he was going to buy a healthier to tight. Y'all but that's everybody man. Catch us on the next one net. Cto t. o. instagram twitter. Don't forget man if you see topics out there. Man hit me up on the community page on patriots. Dropped those potential topics and we ready man. We ready we twitter at mcgill instagram. They hate it regions. Bag dodgers seen some very vulgar messages. Right now not cool. Y'all real quick. We got super superchief. Showcase two thousand and five says great show. I'm glad a. B. is coming back to get a win. Morio you come back to lose to show kit backs your facts but all right okay. Your all. I'm saying show keg on get shown glove puncher shockley the glove. Tapper tapper glows..

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