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The new welcome to forbes books at bedtime with delaney griggs devonish the the boom so please to be joined by marius elliott powell my powell who was named top fifty business growth expert one of them any way by currency fair also top 25 sales expert on linked in she's got a great book called did that just came out a while ago own it redefining responsibility stories of power freedom and purpose it's all about business growth meredith however you i am great anc so here's the thing i love the title of the book read to own it redefining responsibility what does redefining responsibility me how you know that is my my passions how responsibility has become a i word that you know that people don't be sort of uh shy away from when i was first writing the book my publisher says you can't write a book about responsibility nobody wants to be responsible and i said what that's kind of a point we've gone through billions of negative spain and responsibility is the ultimate path to freedom and control of your career and your life what's interesting is you said that meredith the first word that came the mind for me is the ha blame how the world responsibility in blame have sorted got a lump together but even as you were just describing your conversation with your editor and when i was looking at your book i thought to myself you know what when.

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