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A promise to you. Break the promise but continue to remind you of the promise he made and say. I always keep my promises saryu you do not. We just saw it like he should be wanting people to forget. That statement ever came out of his mouth. But he's still here preaching it. He's still bringing up all these social justice stuff that we've all said is clearly performative. I don't i don't care what anybody says. it's clearly perform at frenchie. Is if a black box was a person A black square on instagram was a person and former ally ship. And so hannah cox them to tiffany. Tiffany a lot of people. Tiffany was defending him in this shoe. She wasn't defending him. She was saying like that's probably what he thinks but he is using it socially as a strategy in the house and hannah goes on to say. You shouldn't do that which you shouldn't. But i think my only thought says to try and make any of this make sense is that frenchie is saying this so he can get in people's minds that if he does target a minority or a woman. It's not because they are minority or women is because he can make up whatever. Excuse me i really hate it when this happens. And i really don't wanna have to do this. But my hands were tied because i love bread Yeah she's sick and tired of frenchie being sick and tired and can't believe he nominated a black man in a latino woman and he's going on about how he hates it when our minorities go home and so yeah she as he said she skills. This should not be used as a strategy if that's going on. Derek is going to talk with christian one of a couple of conversations in the day between derek christian. Derek acts of course christian asks derek about finally asked him about the whole. You kind of threw me under the bus thing. You kind of set. Potential target thing and derek correctly says what no. I never did those things. I've never said your name. I swear the honestly the only time. I even heard her name was one friend. She was asking people if they would vote. You out and christians like oh okay christian doesn't believe in unfortunately but derek says look. Here's thing i am voting. Travis i i wanted to use the veto on eliza as well like i have nothing against alissa. I'm not going to be voting to keep her. So i'm i'm with you like like don't worry about me please. And christian tries to convince him that a woman will need to leave next week. Because there's been talk that they might be working together so watch out for that yet. And so if they're eric ex. So you say derek really never targeted christian no. That's what i thought. But christmas convinced eric. Extra because frenchy lied about convinced Doug coming christian. They are they are. They think he is the only person right now that they have to be afraid of in and it'll show up later when list is doing her one on ones and she said derek completely lied to my face when when you look at their bags it's like he's cuddly. Not lying. I don't know just oh this is. This is bad. But i think they're in a hole that he he cannot get out of unless he gets power.

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