U. S., Steven Maxwell, Charlotte Davis discussed on Sean Hannity


New law that adds vaping products to the list of tobacco products prohibited at public schools takes effect today it's part of the twenty four seven tobacco free schools act the band's tobacco and paper products at all Oklahoma educational facilities in school vehicles and that any school sponsored or school sanctioned event or activity the Oklahoma tobacco settlement endowment trust says the cigarette uses grown dramatically in the past five years and is the most commonly used tobacco product among U. S. middle and high school students a man who drowned Saturday at lake Murray and Carter county was not wearing a life jacket thirty four year old Steven Maxwell of Ardmore jumped off a boat into the water and did not resurface there was another person in the water who tried to rescue him to no avail his body was recovered early Sunday and they were two separate fatal motorcycle crashes over the weekend in the state the highway patrol says forty six year old Charlotte Davis of by nola ran into the back of a pickup truck pulling a trailer Saturday Easter by nola and she was killed thirty year old Tyler Vincent of Fairland ran off a highway west of grow Friday and hit a culvert and he also died at the scene broken arrow police evacuated a quick trip store this morning because of a woman inside the bathroom with a gun they say the woman appeared to be suffering emotional distress the woman shot herself and died at the scene she lived nearby are you planning a fourth of July road trip well join the club here's Michael board if you're heading the highway later this week for the long weekend pack your patience a record number of travelers expected to drive for the fourth of July week triple a saying nearly forty nine million U. S. residents expected to travel for the fourth with an estimated forty one point four million of them driving to their destinations newsradio one thousand Katie okay weather center and the four warn storm team partly cloudy warm humid today high of eighty eight a heat index up to one.

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