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Schedule your free estimate. 1, 800 rooftop or act and roofing dot com. It's 5 43 time for Cairo radio. Real time traffic. Here's Harmon Shea that looks like we may have a crash on 5 12. This will be coming down the hill and be well of approaching Meridian. And we do have a D O T camera there. Now it's brand new, and we're using that for this this morning. It doesn't quite reveal the accident that the congestion seems to be right at the end of the on ramp there, and it looks like we've got probably at least one lane blocked, not confirmed yet. It's hard to see from the camera. At least we have something to work with their the slowdown seems to start around South Hill Mall. That would be probably a good 10 minute loss of time. So far, we'll keep working on that for you to get more information on the Valley Freeway, partly because traffic is trapped back on 5 12. That's eased up a bit as you come up to 24th in same Sumner, But beyond that, it's a little bit slow. And then Auburn starting to bog down at 15th Northwest, it looks like we're up to pretty close to 30 minutes. Now on that drive between Puyallup in Auburn up the Valley Freeway, a little slow approaching four or five as usual this morning. They're federally to Seattle. Looks like probably about 31 minutes. Now it's getting a little more crowded. On that stretch approaching 5, 16 and ever to Seattle, holding it about 29 minutes, the slowing their starts north of Lynnwood, but it's very minor timer. Radio. Real time traffic on the three So I'm Harmon Shake. For your forecast. It's mostly cloudy today with highs in the mid seventies, but for right now, at 63 degrees outside the Carter Subaru studio.

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