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The name that's true but streak of area berry i'm looking in up packaging packaging yes i might take a picture of it we're going to whatever three question thursday poll quiz we're gonna talk a limp bigs did a with their good buddy from cbs news the fireman we're going to hear from ryan what the green bay packers the press can set we're gonna talk to mark but since keep manager the lynchburg hill cats so what you talk of their guy for much byrd well there is a young man by the name of francisco may he moving now the beginning at last night please tell me got to get west i'm check and now usually i get push alert son had a forty eight game hitting streak going into last night's game so we had that we've decide okay we're gonna book the manager and talk about the hitting streak of francisco media now course obviously the the cherry's off the sunday if he didn't get hit last night but we're still talk about the forty he came hitting streak of at shortstop jays looking at information up right now and will will get that rate to you three three no three seven of fifteen ninety at sammy be fifteen abby on twitter though pretty can get us on a live stream w aka art but that also make sure you download our app iran and two a couple people last night at the north canton why they said sammy after you continuously this is what they said every you continuously heart getting the app telling us to get the app we downloaded it and their you're right it's it's unbelievable sounds incredible and we can listen to the anytime.

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