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Club David to the August. Twenty eighth goes to a notorious drug dealer named Brandon. Johnson why am I calling him when the Tory is drug? Dealer because any drug dealer that the, police no is a notorious drug dealing if his drug dealings of public record for the. World you, see the heathen is drug dealing drug. Dealer Brandon Johnson according to TMZ was arrested back in March of this year with a stash guns drugs and. Cash let me be more. Specific Brandon got caught with a fully, loaded semi automatic handgun narcotics and ten thousand dollars in his, pocket and all of this was discovered in his. Home he was also arrested in June of this year and Charlotte with DUI in possession of. Cocaine, oh. Brandon if notorious baby and he sounds like he's not going to change his ways anytime. Soon I would think a person like this would be on probation or maybe he hasn't been to court, yet but he will, soon but he's got a litany of charges that he's facing charges that he's. Faced I don't know what's up with this. Dude I just not I'm frustrated because the. Streetside knew the rules we had in the streets. When I was coming up a long gone and I see things on social media sometime I see things on. This internet time that I. Don't understand and in Johnston is one, of those things he Brandon Johnson is the drug dealer who. Supplied Demi Lovato with drug this yo deed on. At night nineteen almost died how do I know this did somebody at the party revealed his. Identity, the. Detail the people who gave her the drugs when she came to how would the world. Know Brandon Johnson's applied Demi Levato to drugs that almost killed her well because Brady Johnson did an interview, with TMZ spilling the, beans are in this case spilling the pills let's go to teams you for. The report police did she know what she..

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