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Need put ankle weights on the more leg really. Do make the gloves smaller. Maybe put holes in the gloves holes glows. I don't know man. But like i think that what you really want is just college baseball yet. That is basically the case that mike obama has made to be in his many fruitless attempts to persuade me to care about college. Baseball is that it's just fun. It's a brand of baseball. That is a little different from major league baseball because of the caliber of competition not being quite as high. It's just a little less predictable and funky and strange stuff happens. And there's no such thing as a routine play really and i understand the appeal of that one thing. I do appreciate it about it. Is that we talk about the biodiversity of major league baseball right. And that's something you certainly get at that level where you see below the strange stuff. That mostly doesn't make it to the majors. Because players have to specialize in navy. Only certain skill sets tends to work at that level. So you see a lot of two way players in college. See just funky. Delivery is weird looking and just all kinds of diversity when it comes to physical skills and appearance so that is a selling point. But i don't know. I guess it's just i only have so much time and attention to distribute and major league. Baseball is more than enough to occupy the amount of time and attention that i have to lavish baseball. Basically and like the players are the most physically skilled and talented. And maybe there are some downsides to that but also they're allowed to that so it's not college specifically that i am disregarding it is well most other sports. I don't pay that close attention to and most lower levels of baseball just because there's a lot of baseball being played in the big leagues already. It's not like i've exhausted of the the games and the potential storylines there like. There's so much. I miss them. Never see it at that level that i'm trying to pay attention to so it's partly that i think it's it's not so much college baseball's problem it's it's not you. It's me catching might make you crazy. So that's the kind of it. Like and i don't mean the framing is battle. Though often the framing is badly the actual just receiving is. Sometimes you're like but is there butter on your anyway. That's my plug for college baseball. If you if folks have not been watching the moment i just was so impressed with the quality of the broadcast for both the college world series and all of the college softball world series coverage like espn. Just really good job. I know we'd like to poke fun at like the baseball broadcasts on occasion. But it's just there's there's really good sports to be had in. It's really exciting to see them. Being embraced by a major network for both baseball and softball. Because you know if you show people fund sports like they get excited about them and want to watch him again. So i've just been very impressed and pleased by it. It's a lot of fun. So i hope people who may be want to check out something new. Take some time as as we march to omaha to do that. Because it's cool. Yeah another nice thing about college. Baseball is that may because the stakes are a little lower. At least in some places or there's a little less scrutiny or there's more turnover you do get a lot of analytical experiments in innovation that happens there so tactics and strategy and player development practices. You know a lot of major league teams have of late been plucking coaches from college ba gas. They've really been on the cutting edge a lot of cases and a lot of college programs. Have these pitching labs and player development machines that were predating a lot of big league stations. Making those moves and some strategies you see like the mid plate appearance pitching change which talk about from time to time. Which doesn't happen in the majors does happen in college. Sometimes so that's just another example of a broader range of possibilities abbey in college baseball than you see in the majors. Yeah it's pretty cool. All right here is a question from simon. So i just finished attending my. I live game in a year and a half the result being typical angel. Sixty to us. It was great to be reminded of all the great experiences. One can have in a ballpark such as watching shohei ohtani leg out a hustle double and triple and fortunately this question is not about those experiences in the top of the eighth. The crowd sustained a fairly consistent. Wave for most of the inning during this wave. Junior garra gave up a five pitch. Walk to jet. Larry and immediately followed it up by allowing a home. Run to seth brown wants. The wave ended garo retired the next six batters he faced this. Got me thinking. Besides being annoying for fans does the wave distract players particularly pitchers and hitters. Where's this just a classic version of the post hoc ergo proctor hawk fallacy. Moreover if you think the wave does have detrimental effects for unfilled performance. How would you go about trying to measure it and establish zaluski more. Broadly has anyone tried to quantify the effect fans have on the game in some systematic way. Thanks for reading this perfectly use question that nevertheless deserves an answer. I think you definitely doesn't matter. No i don't think i don't think it matters. I mean you'd have to. You'd have to count for any number of things. You'd have to account for the quality of the pitcher and a hitter from what is the result of the played appearances. Walk like you're also needing to account for the quality of the empire and the framing talents of the catcher. And i really don't think the most players really notice fans at all. I really don't like. I think that some amount of what we are measuring when we measure home field advantage probably is the energy in the park right. I think that the the general you know hear players talk all the time about how good it feels to have fans back in sort of a general way but i don't really think it matters beyond that. I'm sure that we are already accounting for some amount of this in in home field advantage. Maybe like maybe it affects empires. I don't know. But i really just don't think that it makes around. Yeah you'd have to account for a lot of factors you'd have to record exactly when the wave took place right and and like let's imagine for a moment that we saw the wave did matter right so just take that as a given for the sake of this question do you think that it matters more for the pitcher if the wave is going on Home plate as he is preparing to work maybe as he is preparing to release the ball or as he is actually releasing the ball. Or do you think that it matters more for the when like the wave is happening in the outfield..

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