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A reading list. That's all it is so get the Righetti the syllabus you can get it anywhere you could do it on a fucking Amazon search honestly and then you they tell you what books to read. You read them. A lot of people. Don't read them Melena whole run about that and you don't read any of it You read the books and then the teacher goes. What did the book say such and such and they go? No it said this. You fucking Moron right and then you get a degree if you get a certificate saying I read the books and May I think I understand them me. It's not ought and interesting I. It doesn't Harkin much but you can follow directions and regurgitate information. And it doesn't know Thompson made the point about student loans. If you don't know who Chomsky is watch everything is he's amazing. You're that it's basically indentured servitude. If you have loans like that you have to participate tate. You have to be a good soldier for capitalism you and by the way you can't default on these loans you cannot declare that was passed I believe in the Bush administration that you cannot default on students so fucked up because everybody can for default on every fucking loan we get a car loan on sell the heart of somebody take the money by an education. You got a game this out of fucking. It's like an old David Joke. Don't have health insurance but I do have car insurance so whenever I get a cold I have to get Fenerbahce. Hey Love Day Sally. That's what you have to. It's so unfair and and I wish that it wasn't an indicator of anything but much like the way people can't tell me and Ian are funny. You can't tell someone moon you can't. There's no way to tell if someone's smart unless they have a degree in for most people. I just think we should. I don't think we should make colleges free free. Because that's not part of their bottom line. Whatever I just think we should just build free college it why is it why should it be part of someone's bought? WHY IS Y? Is Everything Cab. Yes I know. I know that if you start making free new free colleges and that's one of those things where like beams or it's like you know you guys could really do you want to transform the fucking earth even Bill Gates and I I think Bill Gates is the best. Those guys legitimately seems like a decent person other than his weird friendship. Jebsen You want to transform the earth. That's a really good place to start. Healthcare or education seem like healthcare education. Make I mean I. Oh I don't understand why I think a lot of very smart people they do ted talks. They surely do one year tenure ship at the Free College like I think we can make we can market it. I wouldn't let me there's big between a tedtalk and a true but there's a I I would you. Would I absolutely. Would I don't even like talking at USC or any of those like fuck then. Why should I was watching? Well spoke at Nyu. I was like the artists in residence at NYU. Because of this music producer named Bob Power the he was an engineer actually any he was an engineer. Unlike all the tribe records and cool but he's professor at Nyu now and they had for l.. Coming on Mike the fact that Ferrall we'll go to NYU it's like they're all fucking rich. Kids go somewhere else or the fact that dre gave one hundred million dollars dre and Jimmy Ivan Gave hundred dollars. USA Do they. Don't need the need the fucking money. They don't need them on such a fucking rich school the fact that comics due college circuit and they may not even good comics We gotta go over light meals. So's goes beyond beyond goodbye..

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