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And this is why people are understand why I never wanted to check in the beginning. It wasn't a factor that because I didn't wanna find him because I was afraid of him. He was my boy, I wanna make sure we made money if we're gonna fight against each other gotta make money. Let's make some big money on his let's change the game. All of a sudden this fast forward to this now to sixteen years later. We're going to change the game. Yeah. And it's gonna be great. And then I think the fans are gonna tune into it stinks giving weekend. Everybody's going to be home. If anybody's been chuckled fan if anybody's been Tito Ortiz fan, they get an opportunity to watch his fight again. And I I'm telling you, I'm I'm not past my prime. I'm I think we're going to be there. Awesome. It's going to be a great fight. Like, I say, I'm I'm on target, man. I hope Chuck adele's on target because we'll be a great fight up nights gonna be short night. But I'm I'm right, right? Need to be. My health is perfect. My mind is perfect. I mean, everything is great. I I just a happy life mix a happy fighter. You know? I got a great partner Amoco Miller. Who's just my soldier, man? She's my writer die girl. She's right there next to me. She's here right now. I love her like, no other. I I'm lucky man, because I found someone who saved my life definitely like say my life, and my kids, do, you know, it's nice to we're happy family. It's great. It's cool. Support can tell you're gonna make good. Yeah. It's great. Appreciate come on. Man of ember. Twenty-fourth checkout t Ortiz Chuck Ladele the trilogy. This is three men is three this is three pay per view. And they'll be able to get the paper you I'm sure all over all over. It was just check your local paper you providers and look for t- Ortiz ours because me it'll be chocolate LT. Oh, man. Here we go November twenty four th check it out my boy deer RT's enjoy. They have it the legend the Huntington beach badboy himself. Tito ortiz. He's always good, man. He's always good wing came and Kim with the fam- Kim with his girl, amber, two sons good to see them. You know, I'm gonna tune into his fight. I might even be there November twenty fourth here in Los Angeles the forum, I'm interested. I'll definitely watch it. I think there's. You know, I'm not so concerned about Tito's AM, Chuck. So we'll see we'll see what happens there. But always love him. I meant we. Yes. Some questions got some fan questions here. What do you got do? All right. Let's do the first one. No, no, commerce, C L value. Have you guys watched voyeur? Have you watched voyeur on? It's a documentary on net. Flicks notes about guy in Aurora Colorado who owned a hotel where you could spy on all the rooms through the fall. Yeah. Yeah. I kind of started watching it. Are you a little bored of her to skit though, this from earn a Polina sixteen? Do you think TJ will be able to take down? Henry sue who does take downs? We'll be able to stop to who does take downs. I think you will you taken down. But you know, I think to me tougher for Henry, then he thinks I I think TJ's movement and footwork again some problems. I it's a phenomenal fight phenomenal. Ky-ko and score Amman McGregor for Serono. I think if he wants to a tuneup fight for McGregor Surani said the game opponent. That won't be a tuneup fight. That'd be a tough fight for Connor surroundings. A big ass fifty five or any is elite striking. So that I want exact call that tuneup. Fight fight makes sense people would watch it. Most fans would be I think hard core is be upset because thrown his out ranked higher. But I love that fight. That's not happening Surani, probably fight. Just engaging next is what I'm doing. But that would be a hell of a fight that even think of that congress cowboy I think we're gonna get converse. Joe Zelda too..

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