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After police found a dead body in the unit. They're the bomb squad. The FBI and the SWAT team all responded. To 40, East Illinois. Those explosives were removed from the seventh floor. Police doing a wellness check earlier in the day, found the body of 30 year old Theodore Hilkey in the apartment. They also noticed lab equipment in chemicals, and when they returned later to follow up, they found those bombs in the freezer. Residents of the 6th 7th and 8th floors had to evacuate for time while those bombs were removed. An autopsy's scheduled today to determine the cause of yolks, Death. We're starting to hear from some of the survivors of the grocery store massacre in Boulder, Colorado, King's super employee, Emily Griffin, Everyone was just running out the back, Doc and like jumping over the ledge is like flooding down the stairs. It's like this guy. He went hunting in a barrel full of fish like nobody was prepared to fight back. Authorities are trying to determine why the gunman chose that supermarket, which is 30 minutes from his home. A gunman is scheduled to make his first court appearance today. Police believe that he may have been anti social, paranoid and possibly mentally ill. Health officials say the nation's long stretch of declining coronavirus cases appears to have stalled. CDC director Dr Rochelle Walensky says the 70 average of new cases Is about 55,000 Day, which is 3% higher than last week. Well, let's he told a White House Coronavirus Task Force briefing yesterday, the nation is reporting about 4600 new hospitalizations. And nearly 1000 deaths per day. The U. S has also passed 30 million Corona virus infections. That milestone happened yesterday afternoon. Chicago Mayor Lightfoot is worried about an increase in covert cases here. Bayer says the jump in cases feels like October when the city saw the second certain where we should be at this point in the Ark of the virus is cases going down, not up. We've seen a significant uptick in the number of daily cases just over the last week, which is definitely concerning run a virus infections as the whole of increased about 23% in Chicago over the past week. Some suburban residents who received their first dose of the Kobe vaccine at the United Center say they're having problems getting their second does. We spoke to a gurney man who was vaccinated there before the site was restricted to certain Chicago ZIP codes. On below, says he and an elderly couple he cares for do for their second shots next week. But so far no one has reached out to them for that appointment. She'd been like the first thought in anyone's fines. I mean, I'd be the first thing I thought of as soon as I heard of it. It was like, Well, what about all those people who were not from those symptoms? What happens to their second shot off even a spokesperson telling WGN anyone who received first doses at the night the United Center should have gotten an email to schedule their second dose. If they haven't they should contact the health Department LaTonya McDade, the second in command in Chicago public schools, he's leaving to become superintendent of Virginia second largest school district. Gig will move on. At the end of this school year. She's going to the Prince William County Public School system. A mother in the Chicago area gave birth right in the middle of the morning rush hour on the Lome and Alejandro Hernandez were staying in the Willowbrook area. And then almost contractions fell under five minutes apart. They got on the I 55 near Darien in hopes of getting to the hospital in time, but the baby had other plans for him to be healthy. Get him to the hospital getting checked. His heart was like clearly on our minds. Alejandro Hernandez Jr was born in the passenger seat of the couple's car in Illinois state trooper came along, wrapped a newborn in a blanket and escorted an ambulance with Mom and the baby and the proud father to the hospital. Now it WGN sports Here's David. A Good morning. Quite a scare for one Chicago baseball team Wednesday. Here's our Spring training report with Andy Maser, sponsored by Marquee Sports Network TV home in the Chicago Come collective gas went up as White Sox outfielder yellowing Jimenez lay on the warning track and left field after attempting to catch over the wall. Last line. It was pitching at the time didn't know what to think. When it first happened. Anytime you see a guy with a fence, any situation, you're you're you're thinking the worst. He didn't get to come to the dugout, so no one really knew what was going on. I just walked by the training room and asked, my eyes only seems to be in good spirits. The White Sox and it was left shoulder discomfort for Jimenez and a further update would come later today. The Cubs David Ross is pleased with the way Ian have is approaching this spring, saying the outfielder is more relaxed and on a mission with a spring training report. I'm Anne Maser, WGN SPORTS The Bulls lost Cleveland 103 94 their fourth lawsuit five games on the eve of today's MBA trade deadline. The Bears have added running back Damian Williams, recently released by the Kansas City Chiefs. The Blackhawks host the Panthers again tonight pregame here on WGN. 6 30 hockey fans in ST Louis Mourning the loss of Bob Playgirl, a longtime defenseman who played 11 years for the Blues and later coach the team. He was killed in a car accident. Insane. Luis the ages 78 David it.

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