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It was much more isolated than I expected it to be the place had a very strange vibe. You could feel it the minute. You were there. It was hidden. They were building a highway that by passed that went right over top of Hellier. So you would never have risen to go there. That's creepy. Because he in the film. We see the pylons that meant to in a held the highway up over the town and its Bain abandoned. Those pylons is standing there. It's it's kind of creepy, and Dino I wanted to ask you because you pointed out as Greg did that this in the film. He said this this feeling about hell Lia. Can you tell us more about what that was? And and what that felt like what is the sense? He got from the place. It's such a strange place because you know, you pass by those pylons by those big concrete kind of slabs, and they almost feel like these bizarre markers that that kind of like at the entrance way to this place in when you're. When you when you drive through it. It's it's small, and and once there is kind of all over the place, and it there's a very kind of dreamy feel to it. It's doesn't feel you don't feel like, you know, your of your right mind that make sense like there's something about the place that just kind of. Tunes your brain differently. If not make sense, and it just it has an a very very interesting strange, and you know, sometimes terrifying kind of vibe to it. I imagine it has that small town feeling you get when you're all veasley stranger. You know, looks e because you knew so that they must be that kind of you know, feeling of is on you will the time. Absolutely. I mean, this place is so small, and so is located that they I'm an assume probably would recognize any vehicle that wasn't someone who lived in the area. So the second, you know, one person sees you, you know, the whole town knows that you're there. So you're definitely there's definitely a feeling of being watched the entire time. So what did you guys do when you go out there, and you didn't have any lades? Did you just stop putting up posters of we'd league? Three toed, golden, we kind of did actually we we kinda just did like boots on the ground..

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