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The yeah the child see. It wants the shiny little ball at the amount of things. He's eaten seen him. Look at that little knob the fast lavars life. It brings ease in my life knowing more ex. Yeah it was quite a good scene. That was actually in the way he reacts now to the mandalorian understand him because we know more about him. Especially after this episode we do know more intimate and you know when he goes you know. Get back over there. Sit down to eat. it is told. But he's and he's learning isn't as learning to use force powers which we awfully thought that he was only slightly started to development props. It's just make christian. I may be in a father to year. And sam right but the relationship between the mandalorian and the child it is properly lying a father and son the way pasco portrays him with the baby number. The child eight so loving. Bits of action brought tears to me. Is you know running it. When he says he's going to say to him he pick somebody doesn't want to let go them. Did you notice that in the actors. Sit down for five minutes. So i was kind of choking up with it because i remember the times. We're not held you and some mayans so that relationship you know did we not say in. Last week's they used to be when it first started was the mandalorian and we thought it was just going to bounce yields in the galaxy but it seems now it's the mandalorian not a main. Yes which isn't a bad thing. So they make their way to the planet. Mandalorian knocking walks up to the gay and is greeted by lieutenant. And that lieutenant. Which i could not believe was michael biehn. Michael biehn from the aliens fills and the terminates villes stay in business been tracking for a few days. Looking for a layover. I saw her a hunter. Then right guild. last. I checked in you. Open the gate and he played lieutenants lying. Oh juno is a side note for your choice of weapon for this say this guy was a shotgun laser and i was waiting for him to say a cairo. This with me for closing counters ch- because he says i in aliens that's his favorite good in aliens. Yeah i couldn't believe. I did not know that guy was in this program could not believe he was in it. So yeah you get into the city and He obviously missed the magistrate. Who gives him an offer. Yeah but he's looking for information as well as an and nobody talked to him and he does not some people in cages Being electrocuted which shed and they ask him for help that reminded me of back in the in the dark ages where they would put. Which is you know. Well people they strung up in lake near the gates of castles and stuff. That's what i reminded me of and Yeah it reminded me of Christian folklore hm as well you're stuck them all across Guarantee religious Yes he gets invited in for a side quest for another side quest you there. I need some information. I'm looking for someone. Please do not speak to them or to any of us. Look i just need to know about break wants to see. The magistrate says that we have djeddai problem. We know monday lawrence that made to kill jeopardize that technology is to jet is So yeah would you got killed them for also. Have this best golf spare if you want pure best spare beautiful his appeal while you dang it on your band. That's dying up definitely definitely here best scarred like your armor kill the jeddah and it's yours yet like did it never spit item to quiet for is ever growing collection of mandalorian collectible. Well you know us. Bay goes good with a jetpack. Lots right yeah and so he accepts the mission and he walks out. It says e didn't take the job ditty. It didn't agree to the job. He probably said look into it for you. How convenient chris that they actually told him where she was as. Well you know. But they've got the probably got these trackers earn is off. I walk but they do a pretty good job at ten in the right direction. Yeah except when the but ghazi us may because they look and the guy. Net focused totally bled. It gutsy for the fog that focus imminent penetrable for their visors but for the mandalorian easiest.

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