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But thing I remember most at the end of the year I looked at the players who played in Spring Training Games. Not One active plant. There wasn't there were there were former players out of baseball oil. Can Boyd or somebody like that, but. Active players went on strike in Nineteen ninety-four. What? Went to work. Nobody crossed the line. Not a single person has never been a strike like that River Rouge, most famous right by APPS in Allah in American history. To work. They were replacements and scabs in that strike, not want. In. In the industry greats I call it the great strike of Nineteen, Ninety four and I call it that for another reason that I think about at the end the strike is how all these people are taking credit for quote, unquote the peace. At that that has you know and you may have heard. Say this in the past, but you know. Management taking credit for the wake repeats. We've had since nineteen. ninety-six is like the Japanese taking credit for the United Nations. no. We beat out of you. Know you, you want it. The salary cap we forced. You're not to get to to to submit not to having a sound cabinet. As a result, we don't negotiate about salary caps anymore. Okay, Bob in regular negotiation now. Because now we're talking about the same thing. We're the same. Before we were in different looms. We took the salary cap off the table. And that's the reason what is laying peaks because of the personalities that came with that. It is because the salary cap. The contentious issue is no longer on the table. I'll tell you one quick story about the other thing I remember. And I can't mention his players. They're in, because I don't say in ridicule I love the Guy, but it really was when. Before, Sony something my majles famous. Nobody. Really knew who she was and she spelled. The name s o t o Ma. So we. are going back toward renegotiating the backs work agreement before the return to. And it's making the paper is. PITCHER ON DETROIT's. Since me Sinoe hands now going back toward 'cause. What style minded on? Pause I said I'm sorry what he's away reading the papers that Todd Stottlemyre. Then strike. Saying something my all Sodom Layer S- tunnel Meyer. A, why does this guy think that we will be on strike for two hundred thirty days when all we add to do? WHO's.

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