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CBS's Mike Sugerman introduces us to a young man who is making a real difference Hey buddy there's a great documentary on Netflix you'd love you don't know how to use Netflix to show you how to use it today but it does require a subscription you should see with this young Walker this boy Chuck doing for you hi my name is Jordan it learn I'm a freshman in high school recently I started teaching a computer class to seniors it was in person but of course now online started because his grandparents good news the new iPhone he gave it was a big gap in between the years of US and seniors and how the majority of them feel left out from this New World of technology is going to be looking at this here which you should all have open on your screen and I feel like it's my responsibility to help them overcome these fears and get used to the New World and adapt to these new features classes on soon it took some doing many of the store nobody uses lots of phone calls and lots of patience on his part and these are not dumb people college graduate I have a masters I am a teacher I've never seen anyone teach class the way he taught the class sixteen year old Manhattan night it started his own company Midler senior technology but his classes on YouTube for anyone to use them we'll get a live graduation ceremony like before when you finish you'll never be as proud as this graduate that's Jordan's body and now she consumed with the best and find that Netflix documentary difference makers a Mike Sugerman WCBS newsradio eight eight.

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