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You? You just lost a lot of credibility with our audience. That's crazy. And then we talk our sports sometimes, but like him and da gram to Graham's healthy next season. Sure. Wow, wow. A big if. Sure. Sure, there's 37, though. Oh, dude he'll still be fine. He's like no one Ryan, you'll pitch great till he's 45. Let's hope so. Yeah. All right, onto rumors. Rumors. Kevin Owens wins back the universal title? Maybe. Bellar club to finally get a second member? Brock Lesnar willingly works a full schedule? No chance. Next year's WrestleMania will be in Saudi Arabia? According to fightful, the red notice egg storyline from Survivor Series in raw was originally much worse. Oh, worse? Could it be? There's a stakes were even lower than what we got with one of the pitches involving the 24 7 title. Order finds a set gets a shot of the 20% entitled. No, the egg becomes the 24 7 champion. That's it. That was shot down by Dwayne Johnson with Vince McMahon's involvement added as a make good the deal was also reportedly worth 7 figures for WWE, which makes sense since they oh my God. Played the trailer and all that shit. Yeah. Figures, though? Yeah. Wow. Yep. That's crazy. Also, Dave Meltzer recently said the Triple H has been around WWE in recent weeks, but he's not sure when he will be fully back on the job and it could even end up being a less stressful position since his cardiac event and surgery. So he's going to be working nowhere near Vince. Right, yeah. Not doing any of the show, not over Nielsen ratings. Triple H just becomes like a backstage interviewer. Yeah. Wait, I hear that brought lizard. He's coming back, yeah. So. Any other rumors? No, so yeah. All right, fan questions. Jake baker, what are the odds live upsets Becky? I think we'd all love to see it. Next week, I'm not so sure. No. It's weird that the 0% if it's next. Weird that they did a contract signing for a match on raw, right? You know, that is weird. Yeah, trying to make it mean more than it is, but I don't see it happening next week. I think there's a chance maybe at WrestleMania. If they keep this going, however, when the rumble, right? Kyle Fox and remember in school when you needed to copy someone's homework, but they told you not to make it obvious. Good times, completely unrelated, good to see WWE try their own MJF C and punk promo battle. With edge and Miz. I mean, yeah, I get it. It was right after that, but WWE can't have promo battles now? You know, it was still a good segment. It certainly wasn't MJF and CM Punk. Yeah. Not even close. But yeah. Tyrone grizz, Maurice. That's it. That's the comment. That's it. That's all you need. Fair enough. Ghost of Johnny drip drip. God, I love that. Push fire bury these match types. Thanksgiving leftover match. Fire. Hold on. Hold on. Pizza Hut battle royal. Oh God. Yeah, that's fire. Fire that, bury the other one. Halloween, pumpkin match. I'll take it. Push that, sure. Push it. What is it? You gotta put your pumpkin, someone's butt. Stone cold savage. It's definitely edge definitely made the misses career sound 10 million times better than it actually was. Yeah, he did. He's like, you even beat John Cena at WrestleMania. He spun a tail form, even though The Rock did everything. All right. Justin Stewart pushed fire Barry bad a W ideas. And MJF face turn. That's not, I mean, eventually that's what has to happen. I guess, but orange cas dropping his gimmick, I like that one, actually. Or a babyface Cody holding the world title for a year. Fire that. Fire that. We found it very it's not time for MJF yet to turn face. The buried that. So push orange Cassidy stopped stop putting your fucking hands in your pocket. It's not being done. It's enough. It's enough. You have to evolve, right? Right. You know? We're putting your hands in your, you know, person. Yeah. Yeah. Scott, who do you think will win the royal rumbles? Who would you want or like to win the Royal Rumble? I mean, at this point, it's Kevin Owens, but it's not gonna happen now. I still have, who do I want? I still think my answer. I still think it's Seth Rollins for the men. I think it might be Rollins. Yeah. I think Lesnar might win it this year. Wow. Lesnar hasn't won the rumble Ozzy. And I would want live. No, he did. Didn't he? When he fought Kurt? Maybe he did. Yeah. He won it once, back in 2001, or whatever that was. Yeah. As far as the winning, I don't think he's gonna win that. No, I think it's gonna be Seth. Yeah? I won't live to win the rumble. Well, yeah, of course. If you live in a big title. And who will? I mean, I think lives a good choice. I think so. I would say Roman Reigns. What other woman is being pushed that can possibly win the Royal Rumble? I know Bianca already had her big, big moments. You can't do that again. Dana Brooke? No. Live Morgan. Yeah. I think so. Are you returns? Sure, Bailey could, I guess. Mario Rizzo hate to say it, but to call it as it is. Seth is actually impressive again, always been great in the ring, but his character is growing on me, his new theme song his character is his mic skills. Fuck, I feel like that guy in the bar trying to justify why I'm hitting on the fat chick. Oh. Wasn't very nice. Well, none of these dropping the messiah thing. Yeah. You know, he's been better. That was just a arrogant fuck out of a heel. Yeah, like he used to be. A side box, kind of the opposite to the regular question here. Who do you think will never swap companies between WWE and AW, Seth Rollins? Roman Reigns. You know, I think is the best answer there. Either. On the other side, I don't see MJF ever leaving AEW. I don't think he could. He could, but Cody clearly. It's not smart. Cody already left. Cody swapped. But like, yeah, the VP's. Yeah. Can you omega's a VP, the Young Bucks? Bucks. I don't think the Young Bucks would ever go. They can't at this point. Pop culture junkie, what are the odds Vince saw the name Austin on the script for raw and thought he was doing a backstage segment with Steve Austin, not Austin theory. There's a high chance of that. Yeah. What are the odds he still thinks he did it with Steve Austin? Probably like 90%. 90. Nathan Bain, do you guys think Ed should turn heel or should he stay as a face, I personally would like to see him as a heel again. He's a great heel. I mean, he just did. You know, he was he over mania. Yeah. It just depends who he's fighting. You know? That's all that matters. Carlos Ramirez can someone sing the old Armageddon theme song the end is here, I don't even remember the end is here. I remember it slightly. The end is here. I could Matthew carlini not, but needed to state Maurice's aging like the finest of wines, so many bust of nuts. We had three I concur. I shanky busted open podcast mention that it seemed like Austin theory is going to get a large push thought. I mean, well, sure. He's with Vince. Yeah, but also don't be plugging on their podcast..

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