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Going to get at least a one hour notification when the jury comes back with a verdict to give everyone an option to get back in place. I don't assume for example, Jason Van Dyke and his legal team hanging out at twenty six in California. So everyone will lead a chance to get back to the courthouse to get back in place, we expect at least a one hour update of a verdict and the judge giving us the guidance that short of being very close to a verdict. He thinks he'll have the jury go till about six or six thirty each day. And then he will I'll let them go. He has not yet announced whether he will sequester them, we assume he will. And they would if they restrooms than they would deliberate. It's you're standing all weekend long. Columbus Day young right at it. Exactly. Exactly. You're talking about the preparation. Nations. The traffic police department issued some guidance to business owners and residents, you know, talking about securing things that could be used in a protest to cause damage to break windows things. Like construction materials talked about looking in planters, kind of the typical guidance that's given anytime there's the possibility of protests, and the Chicago public schools are put out a rather extensive publication with guidance for everybody from your school administrators teachers, and how to respond to a verdict in the Jason Van Dyke trial won't go through all of it. But I did think it was interesting that Chicago public school system appears to be sanctioning student walkouts to protest. The guidance includes. A statement that says disciplinary consequences should not be issued as long as the walkout follows guidelines and does not exceed thirty minutes. So CPS seems to be saying, hey, if kids at a particular school wanna protest wanna walk at a school, they need to talk to administrators I and that type of demonstration if it does not exceed thirty minutes. It doesn't sound like CPS is planning on disciplining anybody. They also have rather extensive guidelines on how teachers should talk to kids in schools suggestions for working through emotion suggestions for talking about trust in the community. And so everybody from the school system to police in downtown, businesses and neighborhoods are preparing for this Saint Ignatius. In the south loop there, send a note home to parents saying that if there is a verdict it's going to be during the school day. They're going to dismiss students early because they have a lot of students spread out all over the city. And if there is any type of protest or disturbance, they don't want kids to be commuting home through that. I'm looking at a no right now from south loop elementary school were they have decided that if there is a verdict during school hours, they'll go on lockdown mode. Just protect the students and determine what to do from there. We received a note home, our daughter goes to school near Saint PAT's and we received a note that they would also be being paying attention during school hours. And this is all out of an abundance of caution. We we we don't know what the we don't know what the verdict is going to be. So we don't know what the reaction's going to be, you know, in very interestingly in tellingly today in court, the judge gave this jury an option a middle ground. If you will that that charge of second degree. Murder. Which sounds awful but carries with it? The possibility possibility of probation in a case like that. And we have to remember there are two different. Moments here, they could spur controversy. First of all there is the verdict. And then Secondly, there will be the sentencing which will not be simultaneous. No there will be another sentencing hearing, depending on what what? The verdict is unless this is a straight acquitted on all charges, which doesn't seem like a. And better than fifty fifty probability. But we'll see. I mean, you never know. What did you think of the clo- because arguments, you I thought it was interesting Jason Vendex attorney Daniel Herbert did not talk about that that third option that that second degree murder option know, he seemed to double down all or nothing right.

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