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Nothing but net. The fighting Irish fight on this is Notre Dame men's basketball. And how brings it over the mid court strike. So Georgia Tech Mr Golden Opportunity to tire take the lead now, huh? Driving left side of the lane, his runners around the rim. No good kicked up. No good done with the second Put back is up in good and Notre Dame's back on top by 4 62. 58 The Irish Played well in a lot of areas tonight. A lot of individual guys played well, but it was a battle of intestinal fortitude in the second half, which Notre Dame lost. And as you know, I've been with Coach Brave for 21 years. When he gives me a one word answer in an interview. He is not happy, and he's already pushed a lot of buttons this year changing lineups getting on guys with the covert 19 epidemic. I'm not at practice anywhere near as much as I used to be. But he even started the scout team at Miami, which he has never done anything right now. He's not just exactly sure. What button to push. But again, often fans love to go. What's up to the coach toe to motivate and it's It's up to him to scream at them. But these air all young men, and at some point you got to do it on your own. You're a major college athlete. You just got to want it more. And tonight, Georgia Tech seemed toe want it more and that's something they've got to think about it. It's not gonna be easy because Notre Dame began their A C C schedule this year. Back on December, 16th Seems like a long time ago. And they felt You know, pretty good about themselves. Did the Irish at that time is they were about to host Duke Notre Dame. Of course at that time was coming off a big win at Kentucky, and it was a chance to beat Kentucky and Duke and consecutive games and Duke just came out and took control of the game. Their name. Never lead. Duke led for 39 minutes and 27 seconds. In the contest. Or no lead changes. Euclid 41 34 at the half they wanted to 75 65 Jane Goodwin played one of his best games of the area. 25 points on 10 of 12 shooting, but only Prentiss hub was able to get in to double figures to join him for Notre Dame. He had 12 points. And for Duke, they came out dominated. Matthew heard at 18. DJ Stewart had 16 Jeremy Roach had 14 Jamon Break field had 10 Duke for the game shot 51%. They hit eight threes, 53% and they out rebounded the Irish 33 23 In that game, Duke had been coming off a disappointing loss at Illinois. In which they did not play well at all, that they had eight days off to think about it, And then they beat Notre Dame. They wanted home against Boston College. They beat Wake Forest and they struggled again. They lost it. Virginia Tech lost it. Pit lost it. Louisville. They beat Georgia Tech in January, 26 beat Clemson. They lost at Miami. Stunningly 77 75. They lost today at home to North Carolina, so they'll be angry against another thing. Better bring both. It's a game. And it's intestinal fortitude. 4 30 in the afternoon on Tuesday, our pregame show here in the letter Dame.

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